Activities to enjoy with the grandkids this Halloween

With Halloween now less than a month away (October 31), there’s no better time to organise a few fun games and events for the grandkids.

With that in mind, here are some of Damart’s top tips for enjoying one of the spookiest nights of the year with the grandchildren.

Dress up smart for trick or treating

Old Wizard In Black Costume
Trick or treating is great fun, and it’s growing bigger every year.

With so many exciting and creative costumes about, it’s easy to forget to wrap up warm underneath all the cobwebs and makeup, which makes our toasty thermal gloves and ladies’ scarves perfect additions to any costume.

It’s also worth remembering to wear comfy shoes if you plan on heading somewhere rural or distant. If you happen to be dressed as a fairy (or a witch) on the night, try and avoid high heels or anything with laces, to ensure that you don’t trip!

Bake special treats for Halloween parties

halloween cakes and sweets
If you’re not a fan of store-bought sweets and cakes, Halloween presents the perfect opportunity to roll up your sleeves and get baking with the grandkids.

What’s more, it also means that you can offer guests cakes and muffins that cater to specialist diets.
If you’re stuck for ideas, you can find some amazing Halloween recipes from the BBC’s Good Food website, which offers everything from frozen banana ghosts to chocolate spider cookies.

Colouring books, pre-packaged healthy snacks, small toys and school equipment such as pencils and rubbers can also go down well as party gifts.

If you happen to be attending someone else’s Halloween party, it’s always nice to bring something for both the host and the children.

Carve yourself silly with pumpkins

pumkin carving with grandchildren
If you’ve never taken the time out to create a devilishly good carved pumpkin, there are a few hints and tips that you might want to consider before you start.

When buying a pumpkin, choose wisely depending on the design that you’re making.

Once you have your design ready, trace the outline of the face on your pumpkin using a fine pen and poke holes along the lines to make things a little easier for the next stage.
From there you can carve away!

If you want, you can also do a design on the back of the pumpkin to make use of some eerie shadows that can be projected onto a wall.

Check out some original designs from the Huffington Post.

Remember that even dressed as a Zombie, etiquette is important

Little halloween witches in hats trick-or-treating
It’s important to remember that even though Halloween has become one of the most exciting autumnal days of the year for some, not everyone wants to take part.

If you come to a house and no one answers the door, knock only once and move onto the next house. It might not be the case that the people living there don’t want to answer, they might just be on an important call or trying to get younger children to sleep.

Knowing when to stop is also worth bearing in mind, as most people consider anything after 9pm to be a little too late for trick or treating.

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