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How to wear the Athleisure trend this season

Embrace Athleisure and get the look

January is the season to kick back and relax in the warmth or head outside and get more active. With our fantastic athleisure range, you can do both in comfort and style. But first things first, what exactly is athleisure wear?

It’s a great mix of super comfy leisure wear combined with the sporty look of active wear. It offers all the benefits of really well designed technical clothing as well as being cosy, relaxing and loose fitting. Better still, it’s also 100% flattering.

Lounge wear so perfect, you can unwind and recharge

We’ve picked out some athleisure essentials to get you started. Indoors and outdoors, we’ve got you covered. Our grey marl trousers are ideal to lounge around at home with an elasticated waist and front pockets they’re just right to kick back and relax. Snuggling up is easy in the soft cream cowl neck sweatshirt for total comfort. Or it’s a great extra layer to pop on when you’re heading out for a wander in the chilly sunshine.

Fitness your way, your look

Getting active is a great way to get out and socialise as well as improving your fitness levels. Stretching and lengthening of limbs is what yoga and pilates are all about and you can take it at your own pace. These leggings will stretch with you and the comfy tee carries the floral detail perfectly. A breathable weatherproof parka designed to complement the look is also a good choice when you’re taking your exercise outdoors.

Healthy living is easier than ever

Stepping up the healthy eating is a good idea anytime of the year. Fruit packed breakfasts, granola and low fat yogurts are a delicious way to start the day. Healthy swaps from crisps to nuts and chocolate to bananas are perfect tasty tick boxes for snacks. If you’re considering stepping up your fitness, why not try our getting active blog right here?

Working out, or staying in

When you’re taking a breather it’s lovely to put your feet up and relax in style. Loose fitting, vibrant coloured tie front t-shirts in luscious Citrus bring a splash of colour to dowdy days. Co-ordinate this gorgeous leisure wear with bright printed leggings for a sporty feel, you could also add a a variety of zipped front fleeces in prints or plains for a touch of athleisure glam. We have a selection of fleece lined styles for that extra added warmth for chilly days!

Walking the dog, taking a stroll or enjoying a class?

Any way to be more active is a good way. A brisk walk for 30 minutes is one of the easiest ways to shed extra pounds, strengthen the heart and muscles plus it’s free. We have some great thermal gilets to keep you warm while enjoying the sunshine and chatting with a friend on the way. And if a walk’s too far, half an hour spent washing the car gets the blood flowing, helps you enjoy the fresh air and ticks another job off the list. With some comfy leisure trousers to bend and stretch in they’re also perfect to relax on the sofa once the job’s done.

Getting healthy, get motivated, get moving

Whether you’re stepping up your healthy eating after the festive splurge, getting out and about for walks or trying a new exercise like yoga or pilates, having the right gear makes all the difference to your motivation. Check out our full athleisure range and treat yourself to some great looking comfort.

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