Black Friday Offers

Black Friday. How to shop savvy and win!

Black Friday. How to shop savvy and win!

Black Friday is a great opportunity to pick up some really good bargains. We’ve put together some key pointers to help you get the most out of one of the biggest sale periods of the year.

So what’s Black Friday all about?

Black Friday is the biggest business shopping day of the year. It’s the time when retailers offer the best discounts and special offers. It’s considered the unofficial start to the Christmas shopping period and if you’re savvy about how you shop, you can really take advantage. It actually began in America and Canada, and because its success has piqued the interest of UK retailers, it has now landed on our shores in a big way. It’s the perfect time to beat the Christmas rush.

First, do your homework…

If you need something specific, now’s the time. Do a little research on the run up to the big day. Check out the prices so you know who’s offering the best deal. Take a look at size charts and delivery options and be fully clued up. For a head start, why not sign up for promotional emails to find out the best offers and cherry pick your favourites.

Plan ahead and spread the cost

By falling at the end of November, Black Friday is a brilliant way to get those Christmas presents ticked off your list and off your mind before the rush. If you’ve saved up, that’s a brilliant way to shop. If saving didn’t quite happen this year, a Damart Personal Account is a great option. Not only can you spread the cost, you can try before you buy, in the comfort of your own home before you pay. No queues, no jostling, just relaxed shopping. You can pay in full, or over flexible instalments, whichever you prefer.  You can find out more here.

Get a move on!

Like most sale periods, the earlier you place your orders, the less likely you are to miss out. Most retailers offer their discounts over a limited time frame and usually offer limited stock too. So if you’ve got your eye on something specific, don’t waste any time in placing your order.

Sign up to our website

If you’re new to Damart you can save time on the day by signing up to our website early. That way we can take your details and set up your billing and delivery address, beforehand, making ordering online with us a doddle.

Feeling generous?

Share the love. The best part of giving loved ones gifts is that it leaves us all feeling good. Why not look beyond your nearest and dearest and consider others at such a generous time of year? We have a range of gifts that also support charities. It’s a great opportunity to help others benefit from Black Friday too.

Now you have your guide, what else is there to say except…enjoy the shopping at!

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