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Our top 5 electrical gadgets for your home

Everybody loves a little something to make life easier. Though we all think we don’t need any electrical home gadgets, there are some brilliant ones out there. The kind you try, then wonder how you managed without them. We’ve put together a fantastic collection of Summer gadgets perfect to treat you and your home to.

Whether to you love a little pampering, or  want to impress friends and family, we have a few of our favourite electrical items for the home that will bring a smile to your face and some fun to your day.

Keep in touch with the Retro Radio

Relaxing listening to the radio is a great way to while away a couple of hours. Few of us have the time to spend and enjoy an eclectic mix of programs but if you delve deeper you’ll discover a whole world of entertainment. 

From classical music to comedy, sparkling interviews and fast quiz shows, the radio is a vibrant world at your fingertips. Even better when you can use the mains or batteries so you can take the fun into the garden, the shed or while soaking up the sunshine on the patio.

Some, like the one here even have a USB so you can play your own music through it to. The lovely retro radio adds charm to this much loved way of passing the time.

Enjoy a delicious treat with a home Coffee maker

Rich, smooth and delicious. Nothing beats the smell of freshly ground coffee drifting through the house. It’s even better on a sunny day when you can pop out into the garden to enjoy an al fresco cuppa, in total peace and quiet. It sets you up for the day and gives the house a lovely, homely feel.

Whether you like cappuccinos, skinny lattes or flat whites, barista style coffee made at home is sweeping the nation as one of our bigger growing trends. The perfect addition to any kitchen.

Relax with a heavenly foot spa

Being kind to yourself is something we all need to do more of. Setting aside a little time to keep your feet happy will make all the difference to your well-being and your mood. As well as achieving lovely soft skin on your toes and heels it’s one of the most relaxing treats you can enjoy. There’s more to some than meets the eye. This Home Foot Spa has massaging rollers to stimulate acupressure points on the soles of the feet and has three settings to choose from. This mini spa in your home is high on our must-have-list of fabulous gadgets for the home.

Carmen Foot Spa
Make tasty dishes with a Tiered Steamer

Food has got to be one of life’s greatest pleasures, but nobody wants to slave over a stove all day long. A tiered electric steamer is just the job for cooking a host of nutritious dishes packed full of healthy vitamins that are sealed inside.

Durable, stainless steel options are ideal and don’t fill your kitchen with bubbling pans that you have to watch. Choose one with a timer for total hassle-free cooking. Perfect to steam cook meat, tasty fish and delicious vegetables. You can even cook fluffy, light rice effortlessly.

You’ll find lots of recipes to use with a steamer amongst these healthy dining options from the Food Network. But the best part is they go in the dishwasher too. So all the hard work is done for you. Now that’s the kind of gadget we love.

Crystal clear windows for a perfect view

Streak free windows are something to be proud of, but they’re one of the trickier jobs when cleaning your home. Gadgets like this one, the Beldray Window Cleaning Vacuum is the bees’ knees. With 30 minutes use on each charge and no drips it makes cleaning a doddle. So lightweight, even mirrors shine after quick once over. In no time you’ll have an unblemished view of all the wildlife and beautiful birds in your garden. And after a little spell cleaning, you’ll be ready for a luxurious cup of coffee, while listening to radio with your feet being gently massaged in the foot Spa!

Window cleaner

Treats all round. For many more great electrical ideas and gadgets for the home and your garden, head over to our full range online at

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