Fashion tips for layered clothing

With winter now just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about wrapping up for the winter months.

One way of doing this is through layered clothing — the current buzz words of the fashion world.

With that in mind, we have some great tips for pulling off one of the hottest, and most comfortable, styles this winter.

Get together with colours

Layering your clothes is all about getting the colours together.

As you can imagine, wearing multiple layers means that you really have to think about avoiding clashes.

If you’re unsure, take a look at a colour wheel (see below) to see what colours go together.

Colours that are opposite each other are the ones that contrast, which means that they are the colours that you can combine for the best layered outfit.

It’s also an idea to avoid white clothes, not only because it’s an extra task to keep all those layers clean, but white tends to have a stark contrast to more muted colours.

Have fun with patterns

We all know that matching colours are important for looking good, but patterns are key too, and if you layer up with a tad too many patterns, your outfit might just come unstuck.

Stylists recommend wearing clothes with block colours so you can create subtle, minimalist styles.

That said, it’s also worth ensuring that your layers don’t all have the same pattern, as a striped shirt accompanied by a striped cardigan might end up looking a little odd — checks and stripes however, work wonderfully.

Sweatshirts are your friend

When it comes to layered clothing, sweatshirts are definitely worth a look into. Not only do they keep you cosy and warm during the winter months, but they are fab for experimenting with clothing styles.

Perfect for someone dressing for comfort, a sweatshirt that is tonal in colour and minimal in design can look great with an open coat and hood.

Layering shirts are great for smart casual events

When you’re heading to an event that requires a shirt, but you’re all about keeping warm, jumpers are an excellent way to hit both sides.

For both men and women, shirts are one of the easiest items in the wardrobe to work with.

This means that whether you throw on your favourite crew or V-neck jumper, they are almost guaranteed to work with a shirt.

What’s more, this look is a timeless favourite and allows you to have fun and experiment with a range of textures and colours, including with cardigans.

Check out our range of cardigans for men to see if you can find any inspirations.

Accessories are the best

A layered clothing style is the best excuse for wearing accessories such as scarves, hats, and gloves.

We have a full range of accessories to help layered clothing styles and keep you warm throughout the winter months.

If you’re stuck for inspiration for accessories, or general examples for layered clothing, the most common tip from stylists is to simply just to get out into the world and find inspiration from everyday life.

By simply sitting back by the window in your favourite coffee shop, you can watch the world go by and really get an insight into today’s winter clothing trends.


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