Fitness, lifestyle and nutrition tips for the menopause

Fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition tips for the menopause

A natural part of ageing, transitioning into menopause is often gradual. Changes can take place over years, typically between the ages of 45 and 55, and it’s only when menopause is confirmed by our GP that we look back and realise the signs were there all along.

Whether you’ve just started experiencing symptoms or you’ve been confirmed menopausal, we’ve put together some fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications for menopause to help you look and feel your best as you transition into the next phase of your life.

Menopause symptoms

It’s very unusual to go through menopause without experiencing at least one of the common symptoms. Most women get a combination of signs, sometimes starting with one and then moving on to another as hormone levels change.

Typically, menopause symptoms include:

  • Hot flushes
  • Night sweats
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Increased anxiety or feeling depressed
  • Reduced interest in sex

Because no two women experience menopause in the same way, if you notice any changes, you should speak with your GP as soon as possible. Sometimes symptoms can begin before your period stops, and they can continue for around four years after your last period. But with some simple changes for a healthy lifestyle during menopause, you can feel like your best self.


Regardless of the symptoms you have, we do know that fitness can offer myriad benefits.

A common complaint of women during menopause is weight gain, and regular physical activity can help prevent the dreaded middle-age spread, so starting a fitness regime during menopause can help you physically and mentally.

Gentle cardiovascular exercise three times a week is the perfect starting point for your new lifestyle. Getting your steps in with a brisk lunchtime walk with friends is a great way to help keep the pounds at bay, whilst also helping to boost your mood and reduce the menopause brain fog.

Our Amortyl range of trainers will help you pound the pavements, whether you’re walking the dog or doing a 5K PB. Providing cloud-like cushioning and arch support, they’re a must-have for a menopausal fitness journey.

Because bone density can decrease following menopause, strength training can help stave off injuries that stem from brittle bones. If you’re new to strength training, book a session with a local personal trainer who specialises in strength training for women. We know it can feel intimidating starting any sort of fitness during menopause, which is why we’ve created our Damart Sport collection. Using our innovative Climatyl fabric, you’ll look and feel confident stepping into any gym while staying cool thanks to the moisture-wicking technology.

Lifestyle changes

Simple lifestyle modifications for menopause can help improve symptoms, which in turn can support your mental health and boost your mood.

If you’re a smoker, now is the time to quit. Heart disease can increase rapidly in women who are experiencing menopause and kicking this bad habit can have a marked improvement.

Similarly, if you like a tipple with supper, you should also consider cutting down on your alcohol intake as it can exacerbate hot flushes. There are plenty of alcohol-free versions of your favourite drink, from gins to wines and beers. You won’t feel like you’re missing out – and you’ll even wake up feeling fresh, ready for your gentle cardio session!

A common symptom of menopause is insomnia. When paired with night sweats, you can wake up feeling tired, hot and irritable. To help get your nights back on track, we recommend wearing breathable fabrics to bed like our lightweight pyjamas. Cool and comfortable, we think you’ll have your best night yet in these soft-touch fabrics. If you find that you get stressed about sleep, create a relaxing nighttime routine. A warm bath with lavender essential oils can help reduce your core temperature and prepare your mind for bed. Try turning electrical devices off at least an hour before bed and instead pick up a book or start journaling. These simple practices slow down the brain and signal to your body that it’s time to start thinking about sleep.


Your post-menopause diet should be packed full of natural goodness. Consider adding more plant-based recipes to your week. Mimicking the effects of oestrogen, plant nutrients can help provide much-needed vitamins and minerals, whilst fermented products like kimchi or miso can give your gut a helping of friendly bacteria.

Similarly, because of the natural decline in bone density, increasing your calcium intake will help strengthen bones and adding protein-packed dishes can support muscle maintenance.

One of the most important post-menopause diet tips we can offer is to still enjoy eating. So, why not celebrate your new healthy lifestyle with a dinner party? It’s the perfect time to flex your cooking skills and create flavoursome dishes that are packed full of natural goodness.

Put on your favourite dress and sip on alcohol-free drinks for a fun-filled evening. A belted midi-dress can give you confidence, while a split hem can help keep the look modern and stylish − menopause doesn’t have to mean losing your sense of style.

Enjoy a smooth transition with Damart 

Menopause is a natural and inevitable process, but you can learn how to manage this transition with some simple tweaks. Allow Damart to help you look and feel your best throughout. Shop online today at 

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