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Garden Party Ideas : What to wear this Summer

As we head into the glorious month of June, we all know that the garden party season is about to begin!

Whether you’re hosting your own, or going to one of your friends, there’s nothing quite like showing off a new outfit for the special occasion.

Taking note of some of the latest garden party trends. Think fresh and summery colours combined with feminine prints -here are our must have items for garden parties in 2018:

Dress and Shrug | Damart Style Diaries

All in one Outfit

Using this wonderful combination of dress and shrug, we have no doubt that this piece is the perfect ensemble for an afternoon in the garden with friends and family.

Great for hot afternoons and cool evenings, the sleeveless V neck and flare print dress is both eye catching and flattering, offering a smooth and beautiful silhouette.

Available in mid blue and black print, the piece is machine washable and now only £24.50, it is also a great item for the purse strings.

Printed Wrap Dress |Damart Style Diaries

Stand-out Summer Dress

Smooth and comforting, this beautiful grass dress is already one of our most popular summer items and is looking to be a big hit at garden parties across the country.

Being both ultra flattering and light, yet able to keep you comfortable in all types of weather, this slick wrapover dress offers the opportunity to show off in style.

With delectable ¾ sleeves, the dress is available in grass and grass print and is available for a very acceptable £14.50, reduced from £29.

Lace Tunic | Damart Style Diaries

A Classic Combination

With lace being one of the rising and hottest trends at the moment, we have no doubt that this beautiful lace tunic won’t fail to turn heads at parties this summer.

Elegant to the last thread and lined for quality and enduring comfort, the garment comes in a range of colours including sky bright, ecru plain, and orchid.

Now that the 60s are finally back in fashion, wide leg trousers are must haves for this summer and this pair perfectly matches our lace tunic.

Both comfortable and flattering and fully machine washable, the trousers come in navy plain, ecru plain, moss green, and nude.

With beautiful designs feature across both items, there’s no doubt that you’ll be one of the most well dressed (and comfortable) attendees at one of this year’s garden parties.

Floral Blazer | Damart Style Diaries

Add a pop of Print

Now that we’re officially in summer, there’s nothing like celebrating with both floral and colourful clothing.

For when the sun takes rest on the horizon and the cool breeze starts to form, let our floral printer blazer keep you warm and comfortable.

With fine tailoring and stretch cotton for comfort and fit, this is a key fashion piece for the summer and allows you to button up for a shapely silhouette.

Nothing quite matches our floral printed blazer however, quite like the clean lines of our beautiful tummy slimmer trousers in ecru plain.

Making use of the discreet tummy slimming panel for a smoother silhouette, the trousers allow for a beautiful figure and are exceptionally easy to care for.

To shop more of our Summer Range head over to Damart.co.uk now to find your essentials for your next Garden Party.

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