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How to be more eco friendly and make great savings

Being more eco friendly is a hot topic these days and as we approach Recycle Week starting 20th September, we thought we’d take a look at the greener side of life. We recycle packaging, we swapped plastic bags for canvas ones and change bulbs to energy saving LEDs, but what else can we do? So we had a think and here’s some ideas on how to be more eco friendly.

Shop local

One way to lower your carbon footprint is to shop locally. You’re helping independent businesses thrive too. But another great idea is to have your shopping delivered. So instead of everybody driving to the supermarket, your shopping’s brought to you in one van delivering to everyone in the area, which is much more eco friendly. It saves fuel and even better, you aren’t tempted by those last minute spontaneous buys, so you might just spend a little less and reduce food waste too. And don’t forget you can compost leftovers, if you don’t pop them in another tasty meal!

Switch to a green energy supplier

It’s easy to change to an energy supplier that uses 100% renewable fuels. Your energy is practically zero carbon and you might save some cash in the deal. You can also improve insulation in your home to lower your energy use, turn electrical items off rather than leaving them on stand-by and keep switching lights off too. Plus, before popping your heating on, pop a jumper on or some of our Thermolactyl underwear or nightwear to snuggle up and keep warm and cosy.

Start looking for eco friendly clothes

There are more and more surprising options for eco friendly clothes. Most of us know about organic cotton and hemp, but there’s plenty more out there. We have introduced our own range of carefully considered, sustainable styles in our (RE)GENERATION collection. It’s made from recycled materials that are kind to the environment and are lovely and comfortable too. Sustainable fashion is really important to us. Why not take a look at our range including jeans, trainers and T-shirts that are kinder to everyone.

eco friendly collection
On your bike!

There’s nothing like fresh air, a bit of gentle exercise and taking in the scenery at the slower pace of a bike ride. In lockdown bike sales soared and if you have a bike that needs a little TLC don’t worry. The Government has launched a Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme to help you get it back on the road. Simply head to the Energy Saving Trust’s website to apply for your £50 voucher and find a list of participating bike shops and mechanics. You’ll find all the details on their site. It’s a great way to get out and about with friends. Enjoy cycling!

Get growing those veggies

Growing your own is one of the best ways to cut down on your carbon footprint, it’s super convenient and saves you money. Growing your own veg, tomatoes and fruit is a great hobby that’s therapeutic and a brilliant way to enjoy the outdoors. Plus grandchildren love joining in too. Even window boxes, windowsills and pots are perfect to grow peppers, strawberries and carrots as well as flavoursome herbs. We have a fantastic range of tools and even a propagator that’s small enough to fit comfortably indoors. 

There’s no end of tweaks you can make to everyday life to introduce more green living. Why not try some of our tips? They’re often an opportunity to enjoy more fresh air, activities with friends and exercise. Enjoy!

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