How to encourage wildlife into your garden | World Bee Day Friday 20 May

How to encourage wildlife into your garden

We all know the importance wildlife plays in maintaining our ecosystems. Now more than ever, we all have a duty to protect and preserve wildlife.

With World Bee Day taking place on 20 May, there’s no better time to think about how you can play your part in welcoming creatures great and small into your outdoor space. Whether you have a luscious lawn, a little yard, or a city balcony, there are some small things you can do, that will have a massive impact.

Get wild

It’s time to embrace your inner Barbara Good from The Good Life. Don a pair of wide-leg denim jeans and an oversized utility shirt and allow nature to take its course. We love our jeans because of their added stretch, making them perfect for gardening.

Sowing common British plants and flowers is the easiest way to encourage wildlife into your garden. It doesn’t have to be a meadow: a small corner or even a plant border will help create a little slice of countryside heaven.

Plants like poppies, forget-me-nots, chamomile, and foxglove are great at attracting bees and butterflies and to provide them with much-needed sustenance.

You’ll want to avoid overly mowing and manicuring your lawn to allow plants like daisies, clovers, and buttercups to grow. If you can’t give up a green striped lawn just yet, you could always dedicate a small patch to wildflowers and embrace the iconic look of an English cottage garden.

Plant trees and shrubs

Gardens with trees and shrubs are attractive to British wildlife, big and small. Not only that, but they can minimise noise, reduce flooding, and even increase your levels of oxytocin.

Silver birch is a native species that provides the perfect habitat for insects, provides food for birds, and allows plenty of other plants to grow underneath its airy canopy. Come winter, silver birches also add colour and texture to often dull and desolate gardens.

If you’re looking for a plant to complement your evergreens, the Cornelian cherry’s yellow flowers provide a colour pop for any summer garden, and its juicy red berries provide a sweet treat for birds.

Get crafty

Grab a pair of your comfiest trainers and head out into the great outdoors to pick up sticks and leaves and create your own bug hotel. Our Climatyl range of shoes is great for those long walks. Featuring a removable insole, they provide the perfect fit whilst creating a secure mould around your foot without making them feel hot!

Decaying wood is especially great for bug hotels because of its slightly softer surface, so centipedes, woodlice and beetles can burrow more easily. Once you’ve foraged for your materials, simply pile up the sticks and other pieces of wood in a damp, shady area of your garden. Then, when you’ve got your structure, you can stuff dead leaves into the nooks and crannies.

Create a water source

Water is crucial for the survival of wildlife, so creating a water source could be a lifeline to all sorts of species. From birdbaths to ponds, water features to a simple small dish, any way you can add water for wildlife in your garden will help.

When creating your water source, you’ll want to make sure you have lots of plants to keep the water clean and oxygenated. Water lilies are great for ponds because they offer shelter for tadpoles and other amphibians, and when in bloom can bring gardens to life.

Ideally, you should set up your pond or water feature somewhere that’s both sunny and sheltered with logs and hedges, as this will give extra cover for prey species.

If you have young children or grandchildren and you’re concerned about their safety around an open water source, you can create a bog garden instead. Choose moisture-loving plants like gunnera manicata, ligularia, and even irises. These provide a striking and bold backdrop to any garden and are the ideal habitat for birds, bees, frogs, and even dragonflies.   Of course, when you’re creating your water source, you’ll want to wear clothes that are easy to move in – and quick-drying! Our collection of sportswear features cutting-edge technology that keeps you warm, dry, and comfortable.

Get inspired

If you’re looking for some garden inspiration, you can’t beat a trip to the Chelsea Flower Show. This year, gardeners have been encouraged to consider the environment and create gardens that attract wildlife. Naturally rewilded landscapes work harmoniously with nature to showcase natural beauty and wonder. Wear your favourite floaty floral tea dress as you discover stunning garden designs. Learn how you could transform your garden into a wilderness wonderland for birds, bees and butterflies – and maybe pick up a potted plant or two!

Dress for the occasion

If you’re feeling motivated to transform your outdoor space and encourage British wildlife to your own little rural idyl, you’ll need to dress for the occasion. Visit for all the latest looks, including cosy fleeces, waterproof jackets, and light layers.

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