How to host a barbecue party

More of us are socialising with friends and family again, just in time for the summer to get into full swing. So, why not make the most of the hottest month of the year by hosting a barbecue? This is the ultimate way to celebrate the season and catch up with everyone – especially if you want to show off the work you’ve put into your garden at the same time!

So, how to host a barbecue party that everyone will love? Here are some top tips to make sure yours is one to remember.  

Prepare for the party 

Any preparations you can make before the party will free up time for you to socialise on the day. Therefore, it’s worth taking the time to ensure you have the essentials. The ultimate barbecue buying guide includes a barbecue to cook your food on, along with the right fuel, and any tools, such as tongs, a fork, spatula, and basting brush.

Another consideration is the food prep. Marinades can make a real difference to the way your barbecue food tastes. Add some extra flavour by getting your marinade ready the night before, then massaging it into the meat before popping everything into the fridge ready for the next day. Other things you could prep the night before include potato salad or coleslaw.     

Anything you can do the day before means you’ll have less to do on the day of your barbecue.   

Keep it simple

We’ve already covered the food prep you can do the day before. If possible, try to buy the food you’ll be serving the day before too.

Choosing the food that you’ll need can seem a little daunting, especially if you’re catering for different dietary requirements. However, if you stick to the things that you feel comfortable cooking, you’re more likely to have an enjoyable event. 

Go for something simple. A couple of meat options, such as burgers and hot dogs, tend to be enough to keep the carnivores happy, while a veggie dish, such as halloumi and vegetable skewers, will do the trick for the non-meat-eaters. Add some nibbles to round things off. Salad and salad dressing, bowls of crisps, and any sauces you want to add will do the trick.

Relax into the event

You’re the host, which means that you have to make sure the barbecue is in working order and that everyone is topped up with drinks and snacks. But it’s also important that you enjoy yourself – after all, if you’re relaxed, you’ll have a good time and so will your guests! 

To help you get into the barbecue party mood before your guests arrive, play your favourite music and wear clothes that you’ll feel comfortable in. Barbecues are typically informal affairs, so a summer dress or a light top and loose skirt made from cool cotton are ideal options for an alfresco gathering on a warm afternoon. 

Keep everyone comfortable

So, you’re nice and relaxed. This means you’re in the right frame of mind to make sure everyone else is comfortable.

This is one occasion where mismatched cutlery and seating is not just acceptable, it’s expected. Dig out your old deck chairs, bring the beanbags outside, and deliberately choose the gaudy crockery set that you inherited years ago.

As long as you have enough plates and comfy cushions for everyone, you’re sure to create a comfortable, laidback event.    

Add some entertainment

While you’ll all be chatting away between bites of your burger, it’s worth introducing something to set to mood – starting with a soundtrack. You may have already played your favourite getting-ready music before you lit the barbecue, now you can play your party songs. For this playlist, select popular summery songs that will put everyone in a good mood.  

If it’s a particularly balmy night, then why not set up an outdoor cinema. All you need is a white sheet and a projector. Wait for the sun to set and perhaps add some fairy lights and outdoor cushions for extra comfort – and don’t forget the popcorn!

So, do you feel that you now know how to host a barbecue party that everyone will love? If you’re looking for something to wear that will keep you cool and calm as you play host to everyone, shop the summer range at For more style tips and tricks, visit the Damart blog.

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