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Instant mood boosters

The changing of the seasons brings with it beautiful colours, warmed spiced drinks and snuggly nightwear for cosy evenings in, but the shorter days, dark nights and miserable weather can also take a toll on our mood. And with the added worries around the ongoing pandemic, it’s only natural that we might be feeling low during this time.

So, if you’re in need of a mental pick-me-up, why not try our quick tips on how to boost your mood.

Go for a walk

When you’re feeling low, grab your coat and get outside for a walk. Not only will you get a hit of mood-boosting vitamin D, but exercise releases feel-good endorphins and reduces stress. Plus, studies have shown that spending time among nature and green spaces can make you feel happier and more relaxed. What more could you ask for?

This long-sleeve thermal top is great for layering under a jumper or coat on a cold day. It’s super-soft, so it will feel wonderfully comfortable against your skin. We also love this Thermolactyl gilet in a beautiful mood-lifting yellow. It will look effortlessly stylish paired with a sweatshirt or shirt and will keep you warm, but not too warm – perfect if you’re taking on some hills!

thermal top
Cross something off your to-do list

We all know the grind of a never-ending to-do list, so why not pick something on there to tackle? Whether it’s fixing the leaky shower head, finally framing those prints or organising that drawer in the kitchen, the act of accomplishing something, however small, is one of the best instant mood boosters. Plus, it’s very satisfying to cross something off your list!


There’s nothing like a good belly laugh to lift you out of a funk. Not only that, but laughter reduces stress and increases endorphins. So why not put on your pjs, make some popcorn and settle down to a funny film? If you’re looking for comedic inspiration, we love Baby Mama (Netflix) and Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Amazon Prime).

Our women’s pyjamas collection has lots of gorgeously cosy sets to choose from, like these brushed jersey Thermolactyl pjs in a soft printed pink. With a long-sleeve top and drawstring bottoms, they’re super comfortable and perfect for hanging out on the sofa. Don’t forget a blanket and a pair of fluffy socks!

Thermal PJs
Get up and dance!

Losing yourself in the moment and dancing like no one’s watching can really bust a low mood – not to mention a few calories. So, whether it’s Whitney, Prince, Madonna or Beyonce, what are you waiting for? Put on your favourite tracks and dance your cares away!

Wear bright colours

Bright colours can instantly boost your mood – and the moods of those around you! Blue, for example, is a calming colour that can help you feel centred and clear the mind, whereas orange can bring a burst of energy and enthusiasm.

This cosy Thermolactyl cardigan in a bright sapphire blue is sure to lift your spirits. It’s a longer length so it will keep your lower half nice and warm, and it has pockets too! We also love this wool-rich coat. In an energising burnt ochre, it’s the perfect colour for autumn.

Smell something good

Whether it’s a bacon sandwich or freshly washed nightwear, ‘happy’ smells have been shown to be instant mood boosters. This snuggly Thermolactyl nightdress is in a mood-enhancing soft rose colour, too!

A long bath with aromatherapy oils or scented candles can also help to lift your mood. Scents to try include vanilla to reduce anxiety, citrus to evoke happiness and jasmine to help you feel energised. Don’t forget a big fluffy dressing gown to wrap yourself in afterwards. Shop the full thermals range online and why not visit the blog for more lifestyle ideas and style inspiration

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