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Keep your Garden up to date this Season

With events such as National Gardening Week and Chelsea Flower Show– we’re sure a few of your will have got your green fingers ready to ensure your garden is looking it’s best this season. Here is a little insight in to what you should be sowing around this time to make sure garden blooming marvellous!

We know the weather has been a little temperamental but we are hoping to have seen the back of the cold and starting to feel that warmth to help our garden’s on their way.

April/May is a period where your growth of vegetables will really start to kick in, you will see the cold from previous months change  and you can begin to sow outside with alot of your plants. But also due to our unfortanate beginning to Spring you can now begin to pull some plants out from indoors and being to manage and tame some seedlings you have to ensure your Spring Window is used efficiently.

So what should you be planting in your garden at this point?

During April and May is the time to begin to plant your vegetables, and pot grown fruit trees and bushes.

Your key vegetables for these months are your French Beans and Sweet Corn these can be planted outside in April using fleeces but switch them into planting beds in May- still be wary of them cold nights we tend to get in England. Watch out for that late frost.

If you have previously planted tomatoes and courgettes indoors through February and March it is now time between April and May to get them outside especially with our unfortunate Winter we have had- you need to be up to speed with our ever changing climate.

Add some flavour to your food as you begin to plant Shallots, Garlic and Onions in April ready to sow for those gorgeous summer salads in June.

Keep your Garden up to date this Season | Damart Style DiariesOur Top Tips to keep problems at bay:

  • Keep an eye out for Asparagus Beetles and Flea Beetles they tend to like salad Brassicas and leave unsightley holes. Keep them at way with watering not only will help your seedlings grow but is a natural way of preveting pests.
  • If you have planted Fruit now is the time to get some protection against Birds especially for your soft fruits. Use a soft mesh or netting on your trees/bushes to keep them away.
  • Weed and Slug Control is key at this time. Slugs can be controlled by using a warm soil but also setting natural traps such as cut fruit to entice them. For weeds you can control this through pruning and regular maintanence of your garden.

Here at Damart we have a wide range of Garden Accessories and tools to ensure your Garden is looking it’s best this season. Take a look here.



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