How to keep your house warm this winter

There’s nothing nicer than snuggling up with a creamy hot chocolate on these chillier days and frosty evenings. With the cold weather having definitely arrived, it’s a good time to start thinking about how we can keep ourselves cosy and warm without breaking the bank.

At Damart we’ve got a few top tips for keeping your house and yourself toasty and warm this winter with just a few simple changes. Why not take a look?

Firstly, wrap up warm

Catching a cold or the flu, isn’t much fun,  so keeping yourself warm and healthy is a must. We have some great new toasty products to help you stay snuggled up and comfortable until Spring.

In the bedroom we have a beautiful, Supersoft Fleece Duvet with fluffy pillow cases in lovely warming colours like Plum, Dusk Rose and Winter White. Just right to keep you sleeping soundly. You can also wear warm pyjamas but we think few things are nicer than getting into a toasty bed. Electric blankets are brilliant and don’t cost a lot to run. You should check them every three years. Your local trading standards department might offer free testing, so it’s worth finding out.

Keep warm with fleecey throws or bedding sets

If you need an extra layer, how about a gorgeous Teddy Fleece Throw? Just as soft as the duvet, in matching or contrasting colours of Heather, Grey and Purple, these are perfect to drape over the bed, or keep handy in the living room. You can pop it over your legs or wrap it round yourself and layer it up, or drape it over the sofa for an inviting touch. You could also pair it with a matching Teddy Fleece Cushion for even more comfort.

Curtains help keep the heat in and the cold out

Curtains are perfect to add a splash of colour to your home, but they’re also great for keeping the heat in. If it’s a sunny day, leave them open to capture the warmth and make the most of the free, natural heat before closing them when the sun sets. Thick winter curtains with a thermal lining are also more effective at trapping precious heat inside.

Make the most of radiators

Keeping your radiators on a timer is nothing new, but there are other ways that you can maximise their efficiency.  Firstly, let the heat flow into your room freely. Things like sofas and armchairs chairs will simply absorb the heat, as will drying clothes and towels. So once they’re dry, remove them straight away and let the heat circulate the room again.

High ceilings also zap the heat.  You can help channel a radiator’s warmth by adding a carefully placed shelf above it to stop the warm air floating out of reach and being no benefit.

Another old but effective trick is to place reflective aluminium foil behind radiators, especially those on external walls. It fires the heat straight back into the room to keep you warm, rather than being lost to the cold walls. You can buy foil specially designed for this job, for under £10 at B&Q.

Stop heat sneaking through the floors

Look after your Floors

It’s surprising, but up to 10% of your home’s heat can be lost through the floorboards if they’re not insulated properly. Rugs are perfect for retaining heat and we have a great range in a variety of colours and textures which are lovely and soft to keep your feet comfy and warm.

Small gaps between floorboards and skirting boards are also easily fixed with a flexible filler that’s perfect to plug the gaps. Tiny draughts squeezing through letterboxes and old-style keyholes can be sorted with specially designed brushes and caps. You can pick these up at local DIY stores for as little as £4.

All these are pretty simple ideas that make a big difference. For more suggestions like thermal underwear or our super lightweight yet hugely warm thermal range of knitwear and clothing why not browse our site?

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