Tips for keeping the house warm this winter

With the cold weather now firmly on our doorstep, it is perhaps time to start thinking about how we can keep ourselves cosy and warm without having to spend thousands of pounds on house improvements.

Take a look below at some of Damart’s top tips for keeping the house warm this winter:

Control the heat with curtains

Curtains are lovely features for the home, but they can also be very useful tools for getting the room temperature just right.

During the day, if it is particularly sunny outside, keep them open to make the most of the free heat. By ensuring that you have thick winter curtains, you can also trap heat inside by closing them as soon as the sun goes down.

You can even buy curtains with a thermal lining to help retain that extra little bit of warmth.

Know how to use your radiators

Keeping your radiators on a timer is something that nearly all of us do, but there are other ways that you can maximise the efficiency of your radiators.

If you can, try and avoid placing large pieces of furniture near them, as sofas and large chairs will simply absorb the heat being emitted.

For those homes with particularly high ceilings, you can help channel a radiator’s warmth by adding a strategically placed shelf above it.

Another old but effective trick is to place reflective aluminium foil behind radiators attached to external walls, to prevent heat from disappearing.

You can purchase foil especially designed for this purpose for less than £10 from B&Q.

Look after your FloorsLook after the floors

Floorboards can account for as much as 10 per cent of household heat loss if they’re not insulated properly.

If you have wooden floors instead of carpets, rugs and blankets are perfect for retaining heat.

We have a range of rugs available for this very idea, and they also provide the added benefit of keeping your feet comfortable and warm.

If you happen to be finding small gaps between floorboards and skirting boards, these tiny spaces can lose heat very quickly, and it might be an idea to use a filler that can tolerate small daily movements to help plug the gaps.

You might also find tiny draughts around other areas of the home; letterboxes and old-style keyholes are two prime examples.

Specially designed brushes and caps for letterboxes and keyholes can be picked up at local DIY stores for as little as £4.

Wrap up warm

Cold weather makes us vulnerable to certain illnesses, so keeping yourself both healthy and warm around the home is a must.

When relaxing in the living room, a shawl or blanket can provide you with a layer of extra warmth. It’s also worth keeping your feet propped up off the floor as the air is cooler at ground level.

When it comes to the bedroom, an ideal temperature for sleep is around 18°C, but you can also wear warm pyjamas in bed and thermal underwear when it’s very cold.

Electric blankets are also great for keeping warm in bed and don’t cost a lot to run. Just remember to get them checked every three years.

Your local trading standards department might offer free testing, so it’s worth finding out.

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