Make the most of lighter nights

Making the most of lighter nights

The return of lighter nights gives us more opportunities to spend time with loved ones, take up a new hobby or just potter around the house. If you’re in need of some ideas to help you make the most of these extra hours of evening light, you’ve come to the right place.

As part of our brighter days ahead campaign , we’re encouraging you to get outdoors and spend time with loved ones.

Work out outside

Whether you started a new fitness routine as part of your New Year’s resolution or you’re using the lighter nights to help get you started, why not ditch the gym and head outside?  

Working out after work in the daylight is so much easier than dragging yourself off the sofa in the pitch black. Try some yoga in your garden or aim to get a new PB around the park.

Our Damart Sport collection is designed to give you the confidence you need to get out and about. Featuring our innovative Climatyl fabric to keep you cool when working out, you’ll have no excuse not to show off your moves and your muscles.

Go for an evening stroll with friends

If working up an evening sweat isn’t your thing, why not ditch the weekend drinks and opt instead for a stroll with your friends to catch the last rays of sun in the evening light?  

Getting out in nature is not only great for your physical health, but you’ll see a huge improvement in your mental health too. Going out after work will help you destress following a long day and could help you fall into a deeper, more restful slumber.

To help you reach those 10,000 steps a day, be sure to wear a pair of comfy shoes. Whether you’re pounding the pavement with your best friend, or you prefer a gentle walk around the local park with your pooch, our trainers from the Amortyl range provide feet with cloud-like cushioning, arch support, and instant relief to aching joints.

: Dine outside

Is there anything more enjoyable than al fresco dining? Whether you book a table at your favourite restaurant or fling open the patio doors, make like the Mediterranean and enjoy a slow dinner as the sun sets. Invite your nearest and dearest to share your meal and maybe even fire up the BBQ. 

But remember, whilst the temperatures might reach double digits during the daytime, they can soon drop come dusk. Wrap up in your favourite jumper and sit next to a patio heater to stargaze in comfort.

Relax with a good book

We know how a morning routine can set you up for the day, but an evening routine is just as important. As dusk arrives, switch off your electrical devices and leave them in a drawer. Taking the time to relax and unwind should be part of your daily evening routine and can help break that mobile phone addiction.  

Whether it’s warm enough to head outside with a calming cup of chamomile or there’s still a bit of a chill in the air, grabbing a book and curling up in your favourite spot as the sun sets is a relaxing way to end your long, languorous evening.

A fleece dressing gown over your favourite nightdress or PJs is the perfect cover-up for April evenings. Even if you just read for 10 minutes before bed, you’ll instantly feel your mind relaxing as you immerse yourself in another world.

Give your home a revamp

With spring in full swing, now is the perfect time to use those lighter nights to give your home a revamp. Set a timer for 30 minutes and every night tackle one room in the house. Organise drawers and cupboards and wipe down any skirting boards, doors and windowsills that may have been neglected over winter.

Once you’ve cleaned and cleared the house, you can see any areas that are in desperate need of a touch-up. Whether you re-paint high-traffic areas like hallways and stairs, or you give your front door a fresh lick of paint. Spending time on your house now will ensure that, when summer comes, you can spend more time outside with loved ones!

Dress for lighter nights

Make the most of lighter nights and enjoy the brighter days ahead with Damart.

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