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New Year, new wardrobe

The New Year is the perfect time to look forward, and now we’re well into 2021 you may have formulated an idea of what you want to achieve over the next 12 months. Whether you’ve promised yourself you’d give up your afternoon biscuits or that you’d complete (or at least start) the Couch to 5k – especially now we’re being encouraged by Jo Whiley – there’s one area that’s often overlooked, and that’s overhauling your wardrobe.

We understand that dread when you have nothing to wear and nothing feels right, so we’re here to show you how a simple wardrobe update can take the stress away from those moments that almost have you cancelling plans.  

Lay it out

The first thing you should do to curate your New Year wardrobe is to remove everything and lay it all out in front of you. This will allow you to see what you have – and how much! You’ll want to have enough space to be able to see all your clothes at once, as well as have room to create outfits.

But make sure you have a full day to do this – you don’t want to get halfway through only to discover you have other errands to run. Look at your week ahead and plan a day where you know you won’t be interrupted.

Begin sorting

Once everything is laid out, you can begin sorting your clothes into piles. Create clear sections of tops, trousers, skirts and dresses etc. It’s important not to separate them into “best” and “everyday”, because invariably our “best” hardly gets worn, when in reality anything can be dressed up or down depending on what items we pair it with, how we wear our hair and make-up and the accessories we choose.  

When you have your clear piles, go through each section. You should then create three further piles: a keep, a donate and a recycle. It’s important to be honest with yourself – especially if something no longer fits. We know it can be tempting to hold onto a pair of trousers that you used to fit into, but it’s time to let them go!

Equally, if you haven’t worn an item of clothing for over a year, chances are you won’t miss it.

What do you need?

One of the most important factors in a successful wardrobe update is seeing what’s missing and looking for items that can be worn in every season. Midi skirts are a great addition to any transitional wardrobe, and because of the calf-skimming length, it’s flattering for all ages and shapes. In autumn and winter they can be layered with tights and boots with an oversized chunky knit and come spring and summer they can be paired with sandals, a t-shirt and a light jacket.

Midi skirts

Similarly, a plain white tee and a crisp shirt are our New Year wardrobe must-haves. Available in a variety of shapes from tight-fit to oversized, boxy to thigh-skimming, once you’ve found the fit that suits your shape you can branch out into other colours to build up a capsule collection.

Shop for all occasions

When curating your New Year wardrobe, think ahead to events in the calendar. This can be weddings, Christenings, holidays and even days out. You can also consider introducing pieces that can be worn on multiple occasions in different ways.

Printed trousers are a great example of a hard-working item that can be dressed up or down and the print effect can hide a multiple of sins! For more formal occasions, pair your trousers with a blouse and sandals and switch up your accessories. And for summer BBQs, dress them down with a plain white t-shirt and scarf.

Printed trousers
Round off the outfit

Once you’re happy with your wardrobe update and it contains key pieces that can be paired with other items, you can think about adding accessories. Scarfs, bags and jewellery are a quick way for you to add pops of colour, while belts are great at changing the silhouette of an outfit.

Tackling your footwear at the same time can help you imagine how complete outfits will look and can show you if you have any gaps. Again, if there are shoes you don’t wear because they’re too uncomfortable, get rid, and instead opt for a smart trainer. A tennis shoe is a chic way to update any outfit and can be paired with trousers and shorts as well as floaty dresses and skirts, while a comfy pair of courts can be worn day or night.

For more New Year wardrobe must-haves, explore our latest trousers collection today.  

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