Preparing your home for Spring

Now that we’re officially into spring there’s no better time to embrace the brighter and more colourful season by giving the home a once over to ensure that it can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Spring Curtains | Damart Style Diaries

Let light into your Home

As the days are both longer and brighter, there’s no better time to try out some lighter curtains that can help bring a breath of fresh air into your home.

Whether in your living room or in your bedroom, having greats amount of natural light in your home can actually help boost your mood as well as helping your body create more vitamin D.

For those looking for better quality sleep, research has shown that the more sunlight you get through the day, the greater chance you have of enjoying quality sleep during the night.

Switch for Spring Bedding

Although we’re not quite into the heavy summer months just yet, if you use winter bedding, it might be time to clean, iron, and pack it away until October.

Thinner bedding will not only help you sleep better when the nights fail to cool, but it’s also a lovely way of freshening up the bedroom for the new season.

If you struggle to get to sleep during the summer periods, its worth knowing that cotton and linen are ideal fabrics for sleeping in the heat as they are woven from natural fibres that have an incredible ability to breathe.

We have a range of duvet covers and bedspreads throughout our store which make for perfect summer bedding options.

Spring Clean | Damart Style DiariesEnjoy a deep Spring Clean

Let’s face it, you probably can’t have spring without a good spring clean.

Whether you’re taking care of a seldomly used room, or polishing off a few nooks and crannies, there’s nothing quite as invigorating as having a good spring clean.

In fact, the term itself comes from the days when homes were heated by coal, and spring was the time when people would rid the house of all the soot and grime that had accumulated over the winter months.

These days however, it’s a perfect opportunity to reflect on how we can spruce up our homes and make it better for all.

Spring Garden | Damart Style DiariesTidy up the garden

Now that we can get out into the garden without fear of encountering a snow storm or two, we can turn our eyes to all that is green and beautiful.

As any keen gardener knows, spring can be the busiest time for getting out among the patches, especially if you want to make headway before the weeds start growing.

A range of jobs can begin in early April, including feeding shrubs and roses, protecting fruit blossom from late frosts, sowing new lawns, and of course, cutting the grass.

We have a range of gardening equipment available in our store that can help you on the way into the new season.

From garden helpers to extendable gardening tools, check them out here.

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