Quick wins for a more sustainable household

With more and more of us looking for ways to make our homes eco-friendly we’re taking a look at easy sustainable ideas we can all adopt. From LED spotlights and energy saving bulbs to solar panels, the list grows every day. But there are lots of intriguing innovations out there that are easy wins to reduce our impact on the planet and help it thrive.

Making more of plastic

When we first heard of recycled plastic bottles being turned into fabric, it boggled the mind. But now it’s an everyday thing. From high performance sports kit to gorgeous dresses and super soft tops it’s surprising how much is made from recycled materials. We’re at it too. We have a great range of floor runners, with anti-slip rubber backs, all made from recycled plastic bottles. Plus deep, super absorbent towels in brilliant white or soft grey. They make it really easy to make eco-friendly choices.

Drift away in bamboo

Natural, fast growing and incredibly sustainable, bamboo is one of the most impressive new fibres around. We love how soft it is, with its hypoallergenic properties and as it’s moisture absorbent, it’s perfect for socks and bedding. At Damart we have beautiful, bamboo duvets and pillows, as well as crisp, fresh bamboo pillowcases, ideal to sink into and sleep even more soundly. We also have a contemporary, tassel cushion made from the equivalent of eight plastic bottles. We know. It’s amazing.

Choose a cleaner, greener home

Even cleaning items can have a sustainable edge. From durable, bamboo handled brushes and dustpans to feather dusters, they’re effortless changes to make that are truly guilt-free.

Simple swaps make a difference

There are so many tiny things we can do to help reduce climate change. And the best thing is they take no effort, they all look amazing and perform exceptionally well. These stunning sustainable household swaps are just the tip of the declining ice berg. They show how little changes can make a massive impact. And we’re definitely all for that.

What’s next?

We’re always launching new, sustainable items to make your home an eco-friendly zone. So keep looking out for more hard wearing bamboo choices and fabrics made from recycled materials. And see how easy it is to make the inside look fabulous, while still being kind to the outside.

Did you know we have a whole range of recycled clothing too? Read the blog here

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