New Year Healthy Eating: 3 little changes to improve your diet

Following an indulgent Christmas and a merry New Year, it’s no surprise that most New Year’s resolutions are based around improving our diets. And whilst fad diets come and go, it’s the little changes that are most likely to stick with us. So how about three little changes to improve your diet for New Year healthy eating instead?


The most important meal of the day! But, if you’re anything like us, it’s also the meal with the least consideration or planning. It’s far too easy to wake up and simply make toast! The key to tackling this is preparation. Swap to a healthy alternative, which you can prepare a few at a time one night, so they are quick and convenient on the go first thing in the morning. Fruit and yoghurt smoothies for example, or breakfast egg muffins? Alternatively, if your breakfast can’t be pre-made, prepare the ingredients into easy to access containers instead for quick assembly in the morning, like this yogurt, berry and granola compot. Prepare the chopped berries beforehand, and store each ingredient in an airtight container. Simply assemble into a bowl or travel pot when you come to eat it.  A great start to improve your diet before you’re even out of your pyjamas.

Breakfast - Damart


Eggs are definitely a quick win when it comes to making good food that’s healthy. High in protein, eggs are also rich in vitamins and minerals and can help you keep fuller for longer.  An easy way to improve your diet it to incorporate more eggs, such as making omelettes or frittatas. One of our favourites is the below, a tomato, parsley and feta cheese omelette. The beauty of it is that anything can go in, take a look in your fridge and see what you’ve got!

Improve your dinner diet- Damart


Another great source of protein is fish, and it is recommended that we eat one portion of oily fish a week. However our British tradition of Friday’s battered fish and chips is far from a nutritionists ideal meal. So if you’re planning a fish and chips this Friday, try a healthy twist on both. Why not swap the battered fish for an oven baked mackerel or salmon? Bake in the oven alongside sweet potatoes for an alternative to chips.

Improve your dinner diet- Damart


Let us know your best healthy eating tips in the comments below!



  1. In find that eating less more often gives you more variety making you feel better as you are eating the right food and never eat till you are full eat till you have had enough and not forgetting to take time for a 30 minute walk Eunice M Mcgarry

  2. Eggy bread, made from seeded wholemeal bread, served with mushrooms, tomatoes or baked beans is quick to make and filling for the first meal of the day.

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