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Top 5 Mother’s Day ideas

Have you been thinking about what to do for Mother’s Day? Maybe your children are asking you how you’d like to celebrate or perhaps you’re thinking of ways to treat your own mum?

The date to remember this year is 14th March, and it’s time to think about how you want to mark the occasion. If you’re trying to get some inspiration, read on. Below you’ll find five Mother’s Day ideas that are sure to make this one extra special

1 – Plan a virtual indoor picnic

We may not be able to meet up in groups right now, but you could plan a virtual indoor picnic instead. You could video call your children or your mum (or both!) and set up the picnic that you’d share if you were together.

If you’re looking for some lovely Mother’s Day present ideas, you could send a picnic basket filled with her favourite nibbles. From sandwiches and cakes to olives and dips, this is your chance to chance to indulge in the treats that make her smile. You could even include a bottle of her favourite drink and all raise a glass together to toast the day.

Where you choose to have your at-home picnic will depend on where you feel most comfortable. The living room might be a cosy option. However, as the weather tends to warm up a little in March, you might want to head outside and have your virtual party in the garden. If you do venture outside, remember to add a layer if it’s a bit chilly out there so that you’re nice and comfortable.

2 – Take an online class together

Does your mum enjoy dancing? Or would she love to learn how to perfect her meringue? If you’re wondering how to celebrate Mother’s Day at home and want to do something that you’ll both enjoy, why not dive in to an online class together? This could be a fun way to pick up a new skill as well as being a brilliant gift idea. Plus, as you’re doing it all in your own home, you can wear your comfiest clothes while you learn.  

There are many different types of classes available online to try, from art workshops and flower arranging to cookery lessons and wine tasting. If you’d like to spend time sharing something special with your mum, this is a perfect gift you can experience together.

3 – Go back in time

If there are photos that you’ve been meaning to sort through for a while, then this is the perfect time to do it. Why not take the day to reminisce on good times by printing off family photographs and placing them in a photo album or, for the tech-savvy, create a digital presentation?

This would make a thoughtful gift to share with your mum on Mother’s Day. You can send her the photo album in the post, or arrange a virtual video call on the day to both go through them together and take a stroll down memory lane.

4 – Enjoy Michelin-starred dinner at home

If you would normally take your mum out for Mother’s lunch or dinner, then this year why not treat her to some fine dining at home? Many restaurants are providing meals to take out right now, including Michelin-starred eateries, so you can arrange for her favourite gourmet dishes to be sent direct to her home.

You could even get dressed up for the occasion to make it special. Pop on some make-up and the smart outfit you’d wear if you were heading to a restaurant, then video call your mum to celebrate the day and enjoy the meal together.

5 – Plan a self-care day

This is the perfect opportunity to make this day all about self-care and wellbeing. From breakfast in bed right through to a relaxing bath before bedtime, every moment should focus on making your mum feel great.

You could send your mum some beautiful bath and skincare products, along with other treats that are special to her so that she can spend the day pampering herself.

You could even decide to add an itinerary for her to follow on her day of self-care. From nail varnish to face masks, this is a luxurious way to look after the mother figure in your life.

You might have been inspired by one of these Mother’s Day ideas, or you might want to combine a few to create the ultimate celebration this year. Whatever way you mark the 14th March, you can be sure your mum appreciate your efforts.

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