Top Autumn wellbeing tips

With autumn upon us, how we relax is likely to change. While many of us will have spent the warmer days in the sunshine, we’re now thinking about how to focus on our wellbeing in the cooler weather. 

Autumn is a great time to start slowing the pace down after a hectic summer. Setting aside time to introduce new types of self-care is important for helping us unwind and relieve stress.

Why not try out some of these wellbeing ideas so you’re ready for the chillier months.  

Choose comfortable clothing 

If you’re eager to hibernate after the summer, why not prepare for cosy evenings indoors by investing in warmer, comfy clothes? Fill your wardrobe with soft trousers and snuggly nightwear so you have plenty of comfortable pieces to pop on when the shorter days return.  

What better excuse could you need to get snuggled up on the sofa with your favourite book?

Go for a walk 

Before the clocks go back in October, why not make the most of the daylight by taking a stroll around your local beauty spot? Find a trail you’ve yet to explore or enjoy a picnic on a fresh, sunny autumn afternoon.

Being outdoors can improve energy levels, boost your mood and help you be more active.

Get prepared by taking a hat and scarf and wear comfortable footwear to ensure you’re warm and comfy whatever the temperature. For an added lift, invite a friend along so you can catch up as you walk or even share your favourite picnic food!    

Create an evening ritual 

Indulging in a soothing routine after a busy day is a good way to unwind and switch off. Wellbeing ideas for an evening ritual could include enjoying a soak in the bath, particularly when the cool autumn days are upon us. You could also treat yourself to a massage or pamper your skin with some luxury beauty products. Some gentle stretches will also help your body wind down in preparation for sleep.

By setting aside some time to repeat your favourite evening ritual each day, self-care will become second nature.

Enjoy a full night’s sleep 

Sleep is up there as one of the top wellbeing tips. We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of sleep. And it’s not just quantity that counts, it’s the quality. Make sure you’re getting enough quality rest by including good pre-bedtime practices that help you relax and unwind.

Avoid looking at screens for an hour before you turn out the lights. Phones and TVs can be overstimulating and don’t allow the mind to switch off properly. Make sure your bedroom is at a comfortable temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. Finally, choose cosy nightwear to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the night.

Use your senses 

Engaging your senses and being mindful can really help with your overall wellbeing. Being present and focused can achieve a sense of calm and allow any stress or distractions to fade away. There are many ways to use your senses to relax, so try a few and see which work for you.

Light your favourite aromatherapy candle and enjoy the calming scent – lavender or jasmine are both great for de-stressing. Listen to soft, ambient music while you cook a meal and enjoy tucking into some delicious food. Or how about taking a leisurely look at a book filled with artwork and beautiful imagery?

If these autumn wellbeing tips have inspired you to invest more time in your self-care, why not start with some new, seasonal clothing? Shop the range of women’s comfortable trousers online or check out our relaxing nightwear.

For more inspirational clothing ideas for the autumn season, why not take a look at our blog.

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