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Top tips for looking after your skin this Summer

It’s not too often that we’re treated to a truly hot and sunny July, but as you’re probably aware, the first week of the month was one of the hottest and brightest on record.

Although we all enjoy being out in the sun, it’s important that we protect ourselves against its harmful rays.

In fact, sunshine is considered the single biggest cause of visible aging, but the good news is that it’s never too late to start looking after your skin.

With that in mind, here are Damart’s top tips for keeping it in tip top shape this summer.

Determine if you are at risk

First of all, you need to know your risk profile, and it’s advised that you schedule a skin exam with your dermatologist at least once a year after the age of 40, which is especially important if skin cancer runs in your family.

Although there’s no accurate way of predicting whether your skin is more likely to develop cancer, there are signs of trouble to look out for, such as sores on the skin that don’t heal, asymmetrical dark spots, and red, scaly bumps containing a depression in the middle.

Find out more about what to look for in this NHS guide.

Top tips for Sun protection | Damart Style DiariesUnderstand sunscreen

Although we all wear sunscreen, you might be interested to know that there are different types on offer that cater for different situations, and although there are no wrong choices, it is best to know the unique differences that each product offers.

Broad-spectrum sunscreen

This type of sun screen helps filter both UVA (which causes wrinkles and can cause skin cancers), and UVB (which causes burns and can also lead to skin cancer).

Water resistance

For those that enjoy frolicking in the water, this kind of sunscreen should still work for 40 to 80 minutes after you get wet. That said, each product will have its own level of resistance, so read the instructions to see how often you should reapply it.

Know your SPF

This is a measure of how well a sunscreen filters out the UVB rays and the higher the SPF, the more protection it will offer you from sunburn. You should reapply this at least every two hours.

Use sprays properly

Sunscreen sprays are great, but dermatologists urge people to rub them in properly, for if you don’t, you could be left with streaky protection.

Use it in a well-ventilated area and use your hands to blend it in, as if you were washing yourself in the shower. Do this from head to toe.

Top tips for skin protection this Summer | Damart Style DiairesCover up with sun-protective clothing

You can still cover up and look your best, whether you’re wearing swimwear, a tunic top, or even a kimono.

Remember also that your eyes should be protected from the sun, and that sun damage to the eyes can occur during any time of the year, so investing in UV-blocking sunglasses is advised.

You can learn more about eye safety and sunlight in another NHS guide, here.


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