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Top Tips for preparing your Garden for Spring

With spring now only just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about getting the gloves out and preparing the garden for one of its busiest times of the year.

Although we’re still seeing a little snow here and there, now is the best time to get outside and ensure that everything is ready for the arrival of spring, so here are some of our top tips for getting the garden ready for another year of growing.

Getting rid of Winter Debris from your Garden | Damart Style DiariesGet rid of winter debris

Everyone’s flower beds and growing patches get a little messy during winter, but debris and waste material can be put to good use.

Instead of throwing away or burning collected waste material, ensure to place it on the compost heap to get the best out of the nutrients and microorganisms still available within matter like plant stems.

This is also a good time to get rid of weeds, which more likely than not, will become visible as you begin the clear up.

Although there’s a chance that these will reappear once more before spring, a little time spent removing them now will provide for a better season ahead.

Enjoy gardening from the comfort of your Home | Damart Style DiariesThink about growing in the home

Depending on what you want to grow, you can always give yourself a head start by planting a few seeds indoors.

Cheaper than buying starter plants, you can place them in growing trays or propagators during the last few weeks of winter before popping them outside long after the last frost is gone.

Some recommend the first outdoor sowing to be around April, when the soil is both warm and moist.

If you’re looking to start growing onions and potatoes in trays, it’s worth ordering these now, but remember that potato seeds should be kept in a cool, light environment for until at least March, when they can be placed outside.

Taking care of your Garden and Plants | Damart Style DiariesPrune your shrubs and trees

It goes without saying that the end of winter is the best time to start cutting back on shrubs and trees, just before the warm weather sets in, as this can decrease the risk of disease.

Make sure to cut wayward and unwanted branches, taking out thinning growth and removing suckers and water spouts.

Remember that trees and shrubs stay healthier if you remove diseased, dead, or declining branches. This will encourage the right kind of growth by forcing the plants to spread in more appropriate directions so that they can develop a strong branching structure.

Get Your Garden Tools Ready | Damart Style DiariesPrep the garden tools ready for work

It’s important to ensure that your tools are ready for the job that they were made for before the real work begins.

No doubt your shears and shovels will need sharpening and cleaning before you begin. You can also use mineral spirits on wooden handles to help prevent splintering.

If you’re in need of some brand new equipment, here at Damart we have a range of gardening tools available from our store, including everything from extendable garden tools, right through to compost bins and watering cans.

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