Tour De France hopeful trials Damart’s innovative Summer Sports range

Tour De France hopeful trials Damart’s innovative summer sports range
Tour De France hopeful trials Damart’s innovative summer sports range

This year, we are sponsoring Jamie Ridehalgh, a promising young cyclist from West Yorkshire and possible yellow jersey wearer of the future. Jamie tells us what he thought of Damart’s summer sportswear range:
“Keeping cool during a summer of cycling is very difficult. Damart’s winter thermals are great for combatting the winter cold, but summer is a different time and poses far different obstacles.”
“Luckily, during these warmer months, I’ve been able to trial Damart Sport, aimed at keeping athletes like me cool in the heat. Made from Damart’s unique Ocealis fabric, the range has helped me massively in terms of flexibility, comfort, and, of course, keeping cool.”

“In the past I’ve tried all sorts of different summer sports clothing but few have done the job. However with the Damart Sport products I’ve been comfortable, allowing me to concentrate solely on my cycling, especially during the hot summer we’ve had this year! The fabric is lightweight, making it really comfortable and breathable, and I wore them again and again for training.

“The whole sports range comes in loads of different colours and styles. My personal favourite though is the short sleeved t-shirt in yellow, because as you can guess, it reminds me of the Tour De France yellow jersey!”

Shop the Damart Sport range here:

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