Our Top Selling Trousers of 2017

Here at Damart, as you know, we sell a great selection of trousers, especially throughout the autumn and winter months.

Whether you’re searching for trousers for a weekend away, or merely for just lounging around the home, we have ladies trousers for all kinds of occasions.

Here are some of our most in-demand trousers of 2017:

 Cotton Stretch Trouser

Cotton Stretch Trousers (Q538/Q081)

Available in a grand variety of colours, including orchid, pale blue, black, and white, these cotton trousers are perfect for comfortable days at home or on holiday.

With five pockets and a side elastic at the waist for ease of use, these cotton stretch trousers make for wonderful additions to anyone’s wardrobe, no matter what time of the year you want to wear them.

What’s more, thanks to their classic design, they are timeless and will never go out of fashion, which means that they can be your reliable favourites for years to come.

Leisure TrousersLeisure Trousers (K773)

With stretch waists with drawcord detail, these leisure trousers are perfect for relaxed days and evenings by the television.

Cut in a straight legged style with side pockets, these trousers are designed solely for comfort and enjoyment when what you do with the day just doesn’t matter.

These wonderful polyester and cotton leisure trousers are available in grey marble, sage green, grapewine, and taupe among other choices.

Tummy SlimmerTummy Slimmer Trousers (R844)

Perfect for a formal setting at a restaurant, wedding, or christening, these tummy slimmer trousers offer a smart yet stylish look.

Designed with a discreet tummy-slimming panel, using a power net fabric with a fully concealed elasticated waist, these trousers of a smooth and lean figure.

The trousers are also available in beige pastel, plum, chocolate, grey, black, and ecru.

Cord Rugby TrouserCord Rugby Trousers (K942)

Comfortable for more of a formal setting as well as one for around the home or while you’re out and about, these cord rugby trousers form one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in our store.

Fully elasticated with an adjustable and soft drawcord, they are an easy fit and are made from 100% cotton corduroy.

The trousers are available in a variety of colours including bronze, charcoal, plum, and chestnut among others.

Micro Fleece TrouserMicro Fleece Pants (K788)

The perfect solution for a Sunday afternoon on the sofa, or even a little time in the gym, these highly versatile micro fleece pants make good for a variety of activities.

A great pair for all times of the year, there’s no wonder why these pants are among some of the best sellers on our site, and they’re available in clay, blackcurrant, navy, and slate.

Watch our video below to see how great our Cotton Stretch Trousers are:

To visit our full Trouser range visit the Damart website today…


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