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We put the Feel Fresh top to the test

Everyone looks forward to summer for the sunshine, family BBQs and jetting off to exotic locations. However, the summer excitement quickly wears off when the heat leaves us uncomfortable and a little less than confident. To tackle this, Damart has created the Feel Fresh top, made using Captur Control® technology to keep you fresh and cool with the welcome addition of being anti-odour.

Five lovely ladies put the Feel Fresh top to the test, wearing them in warm and potentially uncomfortable situations to see how the top really works and answer any questions.

Captur Control Technology

So, does it work?

Tackling an English summer can be tough and Fiona found it especially unpleasant when walking the dog during humid summer showers. To really put the Feel Fresh top through its paces, Fiona wore it under her raincoat for the entirety of her two-hour walk and it worked a treat. With no sweat patches in sight, Fiona felt so much fresher and comfortable than usual.

Can it keep up with my work-out?

Amanda, a keen dancer, wore it to her Wednesday jazz class. She loved the extra protection from the discreet underarm patches helping fight off perspiration and any potential odour despite the upbeat dancing and movement.

Kirsten is training for her 6th marathon meaning that going to the gym and working up a sweat is a regular occurrence. The idea of double lining under the armpits caused some doubt that this product would be a keeper, however Kirsten was pleasantly surprised when it was unnoticeable by sight, but made a real difference keeping her feeling and smelling fresh.

Is it discreet under clothes?

Cycling to and from work every day, Jo needed something that would keep her fresh for her 9-5. Proving that it truly is an invisible underlayer, Jo said it was undetectable even under her cycling lycra. Despite the gruelling commute, Jo noticed her underarms now remained dry and sweat free!

This all sounds great, but is it comfortable?

Even day-to-day is made to feel like a task when the sun is beating down, and Maggie went about her normal plans with the addition of the Feel Fresh top. “It fits well, the material feels lovely and washes really well” making it a welcome daily addition to Maggie’s closet.

If this sounds like something you need to add to your wardrobe today, Damart’s Feel Fresh top is £19 and is available from www.damart.co.uk

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