Autumn/Winter trends 2021

As summer draws to a close, it’s time to look ahead to the trends that are coming up for the autumn and winter months. Here are some key styles to spice up your wardrobe next season.

Animal Print

Minimalism is a thing of the past and animal print is back with a vengeance. Animal print has been a popular trend in recent years, and it is one of the 2021 fashion trends to make a comeback.

Inspired by natural yet bold patterns, this maximalist look is certainly catching the eye of fashionistas across the globe. The 2021 fashion trend forecast would suggest that animal print is here and here to stay. So, investing in an exquisite piece of animal print is a great way to keep your fashion on point in the autumn/winter months.

If maximalism isn’t your cup of tea, but you want a hint of pattern to your outfit, why not try some stunning faux snakeskin moccasins? Alternatively, if you desire a bolder statement look, you could invest in a cosy leopard print sweatshirt – bringing fashion and comfort together.

Bright Colours

Vibrant colours are another popular trend to keep an eye on. Bold pops of colour were a popular choice in summer 2021 fashion trends. However, the 2021 fashion trend forecast suggests that bright colours could be creeping into autumn/winter. So, why not carry a bit of summer vibrancy through your wardrobe as the weather gets colder?

You might want to try a bright accessory, t-shirt, or cardigan to test the water. Alternatively, you could embrace the trend and try bright block colours together – whatever makes you feel the best version of yourself.

Explore new colours to suit your personality whilst feeling comfortable. Layer up with a simple yet eye-catching orange cowl neck jumper or go even bolder with a pair of snug bright blue trousers – the choice is yours.

Party Dresses

With party season approaching, you want to feel a million dollars. 2021 fashion trends take a glamourous turn, with eye-catching dresses to make you look and feel incredible.

A little black dress never goes amiss and is a staple in every autumn/winter wardrobe. As black is a flattering colour, it helps you to feel confident – and confidence makes you shine. Not only this, but a little black dress is ideal for any occasion, making it a great multipurpose choice.

However, if you wish to venture into the rich, deep colours of autumn/winter, try a yummy grape frill neck dress. With comfy material that brushes over your curves, this is a stunning piece perfect for making an entrance.

No 2021 fashion trend forecast is complete without a festive sparkly dress. Treat yourself to a stunning statement dress ideal for celebrating under the glittering lights of the holiday season. Feel gorgeous in a dress adorned with silver and gold sequins, whether you’re headed for a dinner dance, special occasion, or a party at home. It is important that you feel special and dressing up is the perfect way to remind yourself just how beautiful you are.

Dark Denim

Indigo and dark navy-coloured denim is a fashion trend coming back in 2021. Gone are the washed out, light denim tones we loved in spring/summer. These colours are getting replaced with deeper tones for the autumn/winter months. 

No wardrobe is complete without a quality pair of jeans: they should offer you comfort, support, and style in abundance. These qualities are essential as they are an item of clothing worn often, especially as the year goes on. 

The beauty of denim is you can match the style to suit your taste. Dark denim slim fit jeans are perfectly matched to most colours. Whether you team it with a bright jumper or a neutral shirt, your outfit will always be perfectly matched. 

You may want to take your denim look one step further and purchase a dark denim jacket. Perfect for layering and effortless style, it’s a great choice for easy on-trend fashion and comfort. 

Chunky Knits

Many of us crave the time of year when chunky knitwear comes back into fashion. Lucky for us, the 2021 fashion trend forecast is suggesting it’s here to stay.

Knitwear will be everywhere this autumn and with good reason: not only is it the perfect way to keep warm, but it is also a timeless trend that everyone can enjoy.

You may want a jumper for casual work meetings or a coffee with friends, as we all know that comfort is key – so why not choose a knitted jumper for those cold autumn/winter evenings?

However, if you want to take your chunky knit look to the next level, we have all seen ankle-skimming sweater dresses as an emerging autumn/winter trend in 2021. So, take the plunge and embrace full-body comfort and style.

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