Christmas Wrapping Made Easy

There’s nothing more festive than wrapping Christmas presents, with a hot warming drink, a tasty mince pie and your favourite Christmas film setting the mood. Why not give those gifts the wow factor when you hand them to your loved ones. Seeing their faces is half the fun. So we’ve got some great ideas to get your Christmas wrapping just right and start the festive fun on a high.

Let’s get personal

Damart Christmas wrapping inspiration

Beautifully wrapped gifts dial up the excitement and really bring something special to the occasion. A unique gift, made just for you feels all the more heartfelt. Why not try wrapping presents, finishing with a simple yet elegant bow before adding just a silver foil initial letter? Or how about wrapping in plain brown paper and with a white or silver pen hand drawing a festive design of your own, with the name included in the sketch. They’re so simple and make a great impact under the tree.

Crafty pom-poms

Christmas wrapping inspiration

One effortless way to get attention grabbing gifts is to sprinkle a little fun with pom-poms and tree decorations. It’s a doddle to do, which just boosts the fun. Tiny baubles zing out of simply wrapped gifts, enhancing a basic bow and bringing a bit of shimmering glitter. While little ones love the real pom-pom nose, googly eyes and bow. You could even make pom-pom snowmen or add buttons instead for a crafty look.

IncrEDIBLE touches

Damart Christmas wrapping inspiration

Whether your gifts contain indulgent chocolates, luxury me-time treats or a the latest best seller, wrapping with brilliantly baked, eye catching touches can’t help but create a lovely talking point when you exchange gifts. Place plain gingerbread men with holes for the ribbon, or choose jumper and label shapes, ice them and add people’s names for a creative and truly individual offering. It’s fun to do this with Grandchildren too. We guarantee they’ll love them as much as you love making them.

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