Breast Cancer Now

InVest in yourself this Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s October and that means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. Here at Damart, with lots of women on our team, we’re big supporters of the charity, Breast Cancer Now.

Give yourself some TLC

Breast Cancer Awareness month makes us all think a little more about self care and investing time in ourselves. Self care is important for all sorts of reasons, and it’s also a big part of getting to know your body. By checking your breasts regularly you become familiar with them and can spot any changes quickly. So why not give them some TLC? That stands for Touch, Look, Check.

Check out our video

If you head to our Breast Cancer Awareness page on here, there’s a video to guide you through how to TLC, what to look out for and what to do if you spot something unusual. The sooner you see your GP the better. There’s also a help line to ring, it’s 0808 800 6000 if you’d like to speak to someone.

20 years of supporting Breast Cancer Now

We can hardly believe it’s two decades since we started supporting charity, Breast Cancer Now. In that time we’ve raised £280,000 as well as raising awareness for the charity and for the TLC campaign.

We donate £5 from every vest

This year we’ve created a unique thermal vest. Why not join us in supporting breast Cancer Now by treating yourself to one of our cosy, pink thermal vests and we’ll donate £5 for every one sold. It’s an amazing charity that’s vital in supporting people through their journey. Head to the Breast Cancer Awareness website to find out more about fund raising packs or sharing posters and information all year round.

Get Wear It Pink Day sorted

We have lots more lovely pieces of clothing in pink for Wear It Pink Day, so don’t hold back. There’s plenty of choice right here.

Thank you for supporting this brilliant cause. And remember, Touch Look Check!

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