The 2022 fashion trends to embrace

We know winter has only just started, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing your 2022 wardrobe now. 2021 saw a lot of 90s trends reappearing, with flares, crops tops and cowboy boots all making an appearance on the catwalk and the high street, and it appears our love of nostalgia is here to stay. Whether you’re a fan of embracing the new trends or you’re looking for simple ways to incorporate them with your current wardrobe, we’ll show you the key 2022 fashion trends you need and how to wear to them now and next year.   

The power suit 

The power suit has been around for the last few seasons, but unlike previous seasons where it was oversized and styled in an androgynous way, 2022 sees the suit being reinvented in more feminine silhouettes and colours. Whether you’re wearing one for work or you’re running weekend errands, a power suit is one of the easiest fashion trends of 2022 to wear.

Integrate the trend by pairing our gorgeous white high-waisted wide-leg trousers with a plain white t-shirt or simple button-down shirt and keep it looking modern with a pair of white trainers. For evening dos and more formal occasions, pair your power suit with heels in a clashing colour for a contemporary take on the classic suit-heel combo.


Where would we have been without athleisure-wear these last few years? You can rest assured that this is still a massive fashion trend in 2022. Unlike the athleisure-wear of 2020 and 2021 which was all about comfort and looking acceptable for virtual meetings, athleisure-wear in 2022 is more athluxe.

As the boundaries between sportswear, leisurewear, and everyday-wear blur, 2022 sees athleisure-wear combining sleeker silhouettes and more luxurious fabrics. But never fear, loose-fitting trousers with tie-waists and oversized knits are still very much the look du jour. To add in the luxe appeal, combine with a statement pair of earrings or a red lip and oversized sunglasses for daytime chic.

If you’re out and about, our Amortyl range of leisure shoes are perfect for this 2022 fashion trend. Combining modern silhouettes with a floating-on-air feel, this collection of trainers is the ultimate comfort investment and an easy way for you to incorporate the athleisure-wear into your existing wardrobe collection.

Mix and match  

Twin sets (and pearls) are back! Matching knit skirts with jumpers are de rigour when it comes to 2022 and there’s nothing stopping you from getting ahead with this trend. Our grey marl knitted skirt is the perfect place to start and can be effortlessly paired with a grey rollneck for winter months and a grey knitted vest come warmer days. 

Fashion is all about having fun and showcasing your own style and this particular 2022 fashion trend does just that. If you’re looking to experiment with prints and colours, mixing and matching is where it’s at: with a few key pieces, you can have endless outfit combinations. Don’t forget to mix and match materials either! We love pairing satin fabrics with denim, and faux leather and cashmere are great fashion bedfellows.

Double denim 

Every few years we get a resurgence of double denim and 2022 is the year this trend is back with a bang. It’s not just jeans we’ll be embracing: think smart dresses, suits, skirts and, of course, the humble denim jacket. The key to successful double denim is to stick to the same tone if you’re doing blue on blue or mix and match light blue with black. 

We have a whole host of jeans in all shades and shapes perfect for this trend. We particularly love our perfect fit jeans that hug the figure in all the right places and can be worn dressed up or down.

To really embrace this 2022 fashion trend, it’s time to ditch your skinny jeans and instead opt for a wide-leg, loose-fitting style. If you’re embracing the oversized look, you can double up on the exaggerated silhouette and pair baggier jeans with an oversized blazer or oversized shirt – but don’t forget to tuck at the front to create a defined waist. If you’re wearing full-length jeans, wear a pair of pointed flats or boots to help elongate the leg and draw the eye up.

Comfort is king with Damart

Ultimately, any trend needs to embrace comfort alongside style. When it comes down to it, it’s about what makes you feel good and less about the dos and don’ts – we are all about feeling comfortable and confident here at Damart. Shop all the latest 2022 fashion trends and know that when you invest in a wardrobe from Damart you’re choosing fashion, form, function, and comfort. Shop the looks today at don’t forget to tag @damartuk on Instagram so we can see how you’re wearing the fashion trends of 2022.

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