The Innovation Collection: Discover cushion soled heaven with Amortyl Shoes

We put our heart into your sole

Comfortable feet mean the difference between a truly enjoyable day and an endurance session. We love the comfort of Amortyl trainers and the reassurance of happy feet every time. Our amazing trainers are like a breath of fresh air. Designed to cradle your foot, they support and care for your joints while you walk, making them perfect for a casual wander or a non-stop active day.  They are packed with benefits, but even better, they look great too.

Shock absorbing technology that’s gentle on your joints

With supple fabrics that bend with your foot on the outside and carefully engineered soles, Amortyl trainers are the kinder way to tread in every comfy step. Hidden in the sole, is a strategically placed air pocket reducing the impact of your feet pounding on the ground. High density cushioned soles which spread the weight evenly also add to the shock absorbing properties. Kinder to joints, they look after your ankles and knees every time you pop them on.

Support right where you need it

Amortyl trainers also offer carefully placed foot arch support. Not only does this boost the comfort level even more, it helps to ease tired feet. Perfect for those who suffer from the discomfort of fallen arches. The outer sole is also non-slip for a little extra confidence whatever the weather brings.

Removable soles for freshness and versatility

If you love gel soles or have a specially prescribed podiatry sole your Amortyl trainers are the perfect choice. They allow the inner sole to be removed and replaced with whatever sole you like for blissful feet. Don’t need to swap your inner soles? It’s still a great idea as you can wash the original ones to keep them fresh as a daisy. And we all love fresh trainers.

A brilliant range to treat your feet

Pop your toes in any Amortyl Footwear and your feet will thank you for it. Choose from a gorgeous selection of super comfy trainers, in florals, metallic leather and faux suede. There’s also heavenly loafers and warm, toasty boots. All designed to bring comfort and style whatever you’ve got planned for the day. You can take a look at our full range here and show your feet a little love.

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