Style rules for over 50s

The style rules every woman over 50 should know

Style inspiration brought to you by resident stylist
Julie Dickson

You can’t put an age on style and many of the most admired and beautifully dressed women in the world are over 50! But it’s fair to say that a different approach must be taken when choosing outfits in our 50s and beyond. There are no hard and fast rules – it’s just time to take ownership of your wardrobe, experiment and really figure out what works for you and the life you lead. Here are our top fashion tips for over 50s to help you look fabulous not frumpy.

Embrace colour

As we age both our skin tone and hair colour changes and the loss of pigment can mean certain colours, especially black, dark brown, grey and beige, look really draining. A lot of women aren’t sure how to wear colour but the secret is to spend some time with an honest friend or at a local boutique and try on as much colour as you can. You will find certain shades will instantly lift your complexion and make you glow! Once you’ve found your palette you can blend the new shades in with your basics like navy, khaki and denim to make the transition easier. Add a pop of colour to your wardrobe with this beautiful grape longline coat which will look great with jeans and a stripey sweater or give your cargo pants a boost with this mustard coloured sloppy Joe sweater. I also love this cobalt tie front jumper which will look fab with boyfriend jeans and animal print loafers. Don’t underestimate the power of a bright accessory either − a chunky necklace or bold scarf will do exactly the same trick − check out Prue Leith who is the master of accessorising.

Style Tip: If you have a favourite black dress or sweater that you can’t bear to part with try layering a white shirt or a detachable collar under it − white or cream always casts a youthful glow.

Embrace colour

Go for quality

Invest! Think about the basics in your wardrobe that you rely on…your winter coat, your tailored trousers and skirts, your dresses…these key wardrobe pieces should all be the best quality you can afford because you are going to reach for them time and time again. The fabric should be a decent weight, it should hang beautifully, move well and not crease the minute you look at it!  Once you’ve built up a capsule wardrobe of good quality basics you can start to add more fashion-forward pieces each season. Quality is first and foremost at Damart and this season there are some fabulous pieces that I shall definitely be investing in.  First I’m loving this leather jacket in plum or black which I’ll wear with boyfriend jeans and loafers or this fabulous tailored wool-mix herringbone coat (arriving soon!) which will work with loungewear and trainers for day or over a sequinned tee and leather skirt for nights out.

Style Tip: One way to secure the best quality tailoring is to scour the sale rails. Remember to keep it classic − you don’t want your pieces to date.

Choose quality

Focus on the positive

Fashion for over 50s is all about getting the balance right. A lot of older women focus on covering up rather than emphasising their great legs, slim waist or fabulous arms. It’s time to banish outdated notions dreamt up decades ago and start dressing to suit YOU! If you have great legs then make sure they are the focus of your look by teaming this ochre abstract print knee length dress with a pair of on-trend shoe boots and a biker jacket on your shoulders. Or if your waist is still in proportion then show it off by tucking this tomato tie-neck silky blouse into this indigo full denim skirt and wrap an animal print belt around your waist. If there are parts of your body that you don’t feel comfortable in a tight fit, then choose clothes that skim rather than cling.

Style Tip: A voluminous bottom half needs a slim-fit top half to balance and vice versa!

Focus on the positive

Comfort is key

Constantly rearranging your clothes is a sign that you are not comfortable and how can you look good if you don’t feel good? Look for clothes where comfort AND style is a priority. First and foremost are fabrics with a touch of stretch, hidden panels of elastic at the waist on trousers and skirts, straps that aren’t too narrow and sleeves that are generously cut. I love these pull-on wide leg trousers which look great with white pumps and a sweatshirt by day or heels and a biker jacket at night. Man-made fabrics can be hot to wear so look for natural mixes such as wool, cotton and linen that allow your skin to breathe. Check out this Thermolactyl off-white jumper dress (coming soon!) which is stretchy AND lets your skin breathe, so you won’t get too hot or too cold. Remember if your clothes are too small, too tight or too short you will neither look nor feel good!

Style Tip: Make shapewear and a well-fitted bra your priority. Get the foundations right and the rest will follow.

Comfort is key

Keep your eye on fashion

There is a modern way of dressing that all those stylish women you most admire have adopted and it’s the art of mixing something classic with something fashion, something casual with something dressy − it’s called ‘hi/low’ in fashion speak and it works! Once you’ve mastered it you will find looking good every day is effortless. Think jeans with a sequinned sweater and white pumps or a pair of cargo pants − I love this spicy brown pair worn with a striped silky tee and heels or a hoody and jeans under this camel wool-rich long tailored coat. Keep your eye on fashion by shopping regularly, following ‘ageless style’ blogs and Instagram accounts and pick out the trends you can incorporate into your key wardrobe pieces. Pay attention to your accessories too − never underestimate the value of a pair of knockout shoes, a brightly coloured bag such as this red buckled one or a standout belt.

Style Tip: Animal print is considered a neutral in fashion − use it to add a statement to your outfit. An animal print loafer can lift a simple white shirt and jeans combo from zero to hero.

Keep your eye on fashion

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  1. I think your advice is really helpful, and has certainly made me stop and think.However for this old fudidudy,who would rather not be,l would like a comprehensive full catalogue l can browse.
    Thank you Janet

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      Thanks for your comment, we’re always glad to hear feedback on the types of advice we provide on the blog.

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  2. I love the blog. A capsule wardrobe would be helpful. One for formal wear and one for casual….even one for smart casual. Also a lot more bras with matching knickers. Who wears odds and ends ? Also matching lingerie in the fuller figure sizes. A figure guide …round adds pounds (necklines). And more tops that cover the neck/decollete with perhaps a shirt top or small v neck. Just my thoughts …

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thanks so much for your comments, we love to hear what you would like to read about.

      I have passed on your comments to the Lingerie buyer, your feedback is really important for future use and we are always striving for ways to make the range even better.

      Keep a look out on both the Damart homepage and here on the blog as we have plenty of capsule wardrobe tips and style advice coming up soon.

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