The style rules every woman over 50 should know

Style inspiration brought to you by resident stylist Julie Dickson

You can’t put an age on style and many of the most admired and beautifully dressed women in the world are over 50! But it’s fair to say that a different approach must be taken when choosing outfits in our 50s and beyond. There are no hard and fast rules – it’s just time to take ownership of your wardrobe, experiment and really figure out what works for you and the life you lead. Here are our top fashion tips for over 50s to help you look fabulous not frumpy.


The feeling of joy that a massive whoop of colour can bring into our lives has never been more important. After months of being cooped up indoors the desire to celebrate life and feel joyous is overwhelming. Bright colours never fail to make any woman (especially one over 50 ) look amazing. The reasons are obvious… skin that has lost its bloom and hair that has faded in colour can look draining so a wardrobe of grey, beige and black will leave you looking less than spectacular. Do not be afraid of colour. Add it to your wardrobe in massive dollops. Be brave and team a mustard sweater with a dizzy pair of printed trousers. Or add cobalt blue earrings and sliders and see how you can shine.


You know how sometimes you spot a trend but you’re not quite ready to take it on yet? That’s what looking stylish is all about. It’s thinking not once not twice but three times before you dive in. One summer trend that looks good on everyone is the full circle skirt. Not only does it give you a waist but it hides big hips and bottoms and crucially it keeps you cool. Remember to keep your top half neat so a simple tee or a silky blouse will look great tucked in! Play with fashion and be unexpected. The coolest women on this planet do not slavishly follow trends. They just nod to them that’s all.

Love FIT

As we get older our figures change. Fact. Where once we had a flat (ish) tummy there’s now a belly that no amount of exercise or diet will shift. Arms develop a whole new wobbly life of their own and our once pert bottoms seem to melt away. So as the weather gets warmer showing off acres of skin is no longer an option but creating illusions is. Hide upper arms with a long “short sleeve”. Flatter a fuller bust with a drape neckline (no cleavage please !) Give your body its waist back with a gentle drawstring. Choose a bold all over print, great at disguising lumps and bumps and lower your hem by an inch or two if your legs have lost their lustre. And remember a healthy tan is nature’s number one way of making you feel great and look even better!


It’s about spending a little more and buying less. Thin cheap fabrics are for the fast fashion crew not for women who should know better. Cheaper fabrics are usually man-made meaning they don’t let your skin breathe like organic cotton and natural fabrics do. One of the most important items of clothing to get right are jeans. We all have many pairs- some work some don’t. But your favourites will all have something in common- they look good all day long and that’s because a quality denim holds you in and holds its shape. I love the new wide leg cropped jean because it shows off a tanned ankle or a great sock and a cool shoe which is a crucial way to tell everyone you are not frumpy. Style with a pretty cardigan buttoned up and half tucked in or a flowy blouse. Invest in quality. Spend a little more.


It’s all about movement, for you and your clothes. The only time you should think about your clothes is as you get dressed in the morning. If you are spending your days adjusting and worrying about your outfit then something is wrong. Stretch waistbands, fluid fabrics, looser fits…. just think the total opposite of tight. If you prioritise comfort along with colour, fit, quality and fashion you’ll be doing okay. These cobalt stretch trousers with contrasting elastic waistband are just the ticket. They look as good with a simple stripey tee and white pumps as they do with this pretty opal sweater.

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    1. Hi Nora,

      Thanks for your comment, we’re glad you liked this advice. We have some more tips and advice coming up in the next few weeks and we have lots of new styles just landed on the website this week!

      Thanks, Damart

    1. Hi Daline,

      We’re so glad you found this blog helpful, we always look to help our customers on styling tips and what better way than from industry experts! We have some more coming up in the next few weeks if you keep a look out on here.

      Thanks, Damart

    1. Hi Julie,

      Thanks for your comment, we’re so glad you enjoyed reading this blog. We have some more fashion and styling tips for our new range coming up soon so keep a look out on here.

      Thanks, Damart

        1. Hi Beverly,

          Thanks for getting in touch, we love accessories here at Damart and hats are a great choice to wear going in to the Autumn Winter season! Wine is a perfect colour to match with grey – burgundy and ochre tones are ideal Autumnal colours and standout against the grey of the coat.

          Thanks, Damart

    1. Hi Mrs Kiddle,

      Thanks for your comment about prices. All styles mentioned in this blog are linked so you can view them on our website straight away – you can do this by clicking on the style name which shows in blue within the post.

      The blouse is £29 and you can shop it here
      The stripe top is £25 and you can shop it here

      You can find all of the styles mentioned in this blog post in our ‘new in’ section on the website

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  1. I think your advice is really helpful, and has certainly made me stop and think.However for this old fudidudy,who would rather not be,l would like a comprehensive full catalogue l can browse.
    Thank you Janet

    1. Hi Janet,

      Thanks for your comment, we’re always glad to hear feedback on the types of advice we provide on the blog.

      The website is packed full with more tips and inspiration for you to browse and we have the full range of styles available to shop at

      Thanks, Damart

  2. I love the blog. A capsule wardrobe would be helpful. One for formal wear and one for casual….even one for smart casual. Also a lot more bras with matching knickers. Who wears odds and ends ? Also matching lingerie in the fuller figure sizes. A figure guide …round adds pounds (necklines). And more tops that cover the neck/decollete with perhaps a shirt top or small v neck. Just my thoughts …

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thanks so much for your comments, we love to hear what you would like to read about.

      I have passed on your comments to the Lingerie buyer, your feedback is really important for future use and we are always striving for ways to make the range even better.

      Keep a look out on both the Damart homepage and here on the blog as we have plenty of capsule wardrobe tips and style advice coming up soon.

      Thanks, Damart

    1. Hi Ann,

      Thanks for your question! Yes we have some styles in the range with a more relaxed fit and all sizes go up to a size 28. If you check the product descriptions for the styles you like you need to look out for ‘comfort fit’ which means it is more relaxed and has room to move. For ‘slim fit’ or ‘true to size’ styles you could try ordering a size up to what you usually would – this is what stylists do to create that relaxed or over-sized look.

      Hope this helps,
      Thanks Damart x

  3. Hi I was really pleased to read this blog. I am 72 and I have been guessing how to dress properly for my age . Reading your blog made me relieved to see that I have been doing the right things after all. I love colour and i know it definitely lifts my mood. Every day I wear a different colour according to how I’m feeling. Also loose comfortable clothes, pretty prints and A-line skirts, in good quality fabrics.
    I have been a customer for many years and i find your knitwear is beautiful, and your thermals pretty and practical.
    it’s a great idea to do a blog to advise people like myself. We tend to have different looks, so perhaps you could do different advice for casual, smarter and special occasions clothing.
    The only issue that i have is that I am a little taller than average so find many of your clothes not quite long enough. Please do more longline clothing and some tops and knitwear in slightly longer lengths. I certainly can’t wear any of your trousers as i take 32” inside leg and maxi dresses 52” long, maxi skirts 38” long. A shame.

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