Autumn Cooking

Whether you are holding a dinner party or simply looking to add a twist to your everyday meals, our easy autumn cooking ideas will make every recipe a meal to remember!

Autumnal Recipes - Damart

Seasonal Soup

Soup is always an Autumn favourite, and the best of these use in-season fruit and vegetables for a warm cosy feeling as the nights draw in. How about a sweet potato and carrot flavour? Or butternut squash and chilli? There are so many combinations, so take a look down the seasonal vegetable isle, and get creative!

Autumnal Recipes - Damart


Eating salads in the sunshine is easy, but as the days get colder, eating salads as often can get harder and harder. Try a seasonal update and swap the summer oranges for autumnal apple or pear slices. Top with walnuts and cranberries which are rich in antioxidants and finish with local honey and feta cheese.

Autumnal Recipes - Damart

Cinnamon Apple Crisps

A healthy alternative to potato crisps; try cutting an apple into thin slices, dust with cinnamon, and bake for 2 hours or until the apple slices are soft and died out. Great for on the go snacking and healthy treats for the grandchildren.

Autumnal Recipes - Damart

Autumnal Leaf Cheese Plate

A seasonal way to present your after-dinner cheese and wine; take a small leaf shaped biscuit cutter and cut your cheese to present it in a fun way. Why not try it with Red Leicester for a lovely orange leaf colour.

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