Behind the scenes of our Pink Vest 2012 photoshoot

Kate Thornton in the Damart Pink Vest

As we sure you’re all aware by now, the lovely Kate Thornton is the face of our limited edition Pink Vest, helping us to raise as much money as possible for Breast Cancer Campaign.

Damart employees Rachel and Julie, both from Bingley, were lucky enough to attend the Pink Vest photo shoot as part of an internal competition.  Lucky things!

Here’s what Julie thought about the day…

At the end of June Rachel Wysocki and myself were lucky enough to win this year’s competition to attend the 2012 Pink Vest photo shoot.

Arriving at a very warm photo studio in North London we were greeted by a very smiley Kate who was already in hair and make up ready for her time in front of the camera.

We had time to quickly meet the rest of the team including Rachel and Sophie from MCG PR who had arranged the shoot, Ikram from Breast Cancer Campaign and not forgetting John Bottomley who was also on hand to help out.

After about half an hour Kate was ready for the cameras.  She slipped on our Pink Vest, which fitted her perfectly and set to work completing a series of profile shots.  It must have been very daunting having so many people watching her every move, along with the make-up artist quickly jumping into slightly adjust her make up and give her hair a quick spritz of hair spray, but she didn’t even bat an eye lid and before we knew it we had the first set of profile shots.

Kate Thornton

The girls from MCG had also brought with them lots of Breast Cancer Campaign balloons and ribbons for the next set of shots, which is where we came in! Lining the side of the studio, it was our job to expertly throw the balloons behind Kate without getting into the picture- a task more difficult than it sounds!

After a bit of direction from Alan the photographer and a few laughs from Kate we eventually got the all-important shots and the 2012 shoot was complete.

Kate Thornton with Damart colleagues

Kate was kind enough to pose for a few more shots with us before dashing off to her next job.  A lovely Pink Vest model for Damart, she really couldn’t have been nicer!  I only hope we’re lucky enough to guess next year’s celebrity!

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