Dive into Leisure Chic for a healthy, relaxing spring

With spring round the corner, it’s the perfect time to get active, head out and get the blood flowing. We have a gorgeous new Leisure Chic collection that’s brilliant whether you want to blow away the cobwebs, do a spot of gardening or relax at home in style. Let’s take a look.

A brilliant team player for your wardrobe

Leisurewear is trending again as we all seek out comfort that looks good too. Our Leisure Chic collection features truly comfy pieces that you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Take our White striped cardigan top, its zipped front and super soft fabric have a refreshing retro feel about them. Perfect teamed with sporty, wide leg trousers, with its distinctive navy stripe. A cool matching tee and our heavenly Amortyl Trainers, in navy emphasise the stripes, these trainers are unbelievably comfy. With shock-absorbing soles designed to support the arches, they’re a great choice.

Walk your way to fitness

If you do fancy popping on our leisure wear and stretching your legs for a slow or speedy walk, here’s a few great benefits to keep you going.

First of all, getting out helps you feel better in yourself, besides being a change of scene, your body can absorb oxygen, and soak up some Vitamin D. It also helps keep on top of those extra pounds that seem way easier to gain these days. Walking’s also great for your sense of balance and co-ordination which means fewer falls. Bones and muscles will become stronger as you tone up, and finally, walking is great for fighting depression and boosting your mood. That breath of fresh air really does lift your spirits.

Enjoy comfort that lasts the distance

After all that walking, relaxing around the home doesn’t have to be in your old jeans and a t-shirt that’s seen better days. You can still feel ultra-stylish in our Leisure Chic collection.

Our gorgeous sweatshirt adds a pop of colour in royal blue, with its flattering open neck and cosy collar. It co-ordinates brilliantly with our cuffed ankle trousers, in comfy stretch cotton. These are a great fit and so flattering.

When paired with cool Amortyl trainers, it’s a head turning set whether you’re lounging at home or getting active outdoors. With golf’s relaxed rules, you have more freedom with what to wear. So why not take up a new sport?

Golf. Crazy or a brilliant bit of healthy fun?

We know we’re all not going to be like Laura Davies who won a whopping 85 professional titles, but golf can really boost your health. Did you know a round of golf on a nine hole course, carrying your golf bag can burn 721 calories? Plus, at around three miles long, a game enjoyed three times a week can give you a healthy heart. Golf can also help you sleep better, improve flexibility in your shoulders and grip strength as well as improving your reaction time and balance.

Breeze through the weekend in style

When the weekend lands, it’s time to kick back and chill. We love this striped relaxed top in flattering colours. Perfect for a bike ride to get the blood pumping or a Pilates class.

With co-ordinating trousers in an on-trend wider leg, you’ll feel casual and stylish too. It’s a look that ticks all the boxes. Team it with white Amortyl trainers for 100% comfort and you’re on a winning streak.

Feel bloomin’ marvellous

Gardening is another fantastic activity to keep you on your toes and keep your cheeks rosy. Besides being thoroughly rewarding, it’s really good for you too. It’s excellent for strengthening bones, muscles and joints. Working with nature also keeps blood pressure at bay, reducing the risk of strokes. As we highlighted earlier, the sunshine is a great source of vitamin D which women can be low in around the menopause. Not to mention keeping your mind in a positive place. And who can resist all the lovely fruit and veg at the end of the summer? It’s a win win situation in our book.

To see more of our leisure wear and Amortyl trainers, whether you’re planning on starting a new hobby or just putting your feet up, head to our website. We’re always adding more lovely leisure wear all of the time.

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