Layering for spring

How to layer for Spring?

Spring weather can be unpredictable, so layers are essential. Whether running errands or meeting friends, stay cosy with our tips for layering clothes for spring. Explore some of our favourite layered looks to keep warm and stylish this season.

What is layering?

Layering is wearing multiple clothing items, such as thermals, knitwear and jackets. Air gets trapped between the layers, keeping you warm. You can remove or add more layers depending on the weather.

The three main layering types are:

  • Base layers. These sit directly against your skin, regulate body temperature and wick away moisture.
  • Mid-layers. These direct any body heat that your base layer couldn’t retain back into your body, preventing cold air from passing through.
  • Outer layers. These protect you from wind and rain – most are waterproof and breathable.

How do you layer clothes without looking bulky?

Layering is key in spring, as the weather and temperature are changeable. But how do you do it without looking bulky? Here are our top tips for styling layers.

1. Keep the layers light

Choosing lightweight pieces is the key to layering your clothes without looking bulky. You can add as many or as few as you like, provided they’re thin and easy to tuck in. Opt for one bulky item on colder days, like a knitted jumper or padded jacket, and add thinner layers underneath.

2. Consider proportions

Proportions are also essential when layering clothes. This is because styling items that overlap can add bulk. For instance, you may want to wear tighter-fitting trousers if you’re layering on your top half.

3. Mix fabrics

Mixing fabrics also plays a role when layering clothes for spring. Experiment with different materials and colours to add depth to your looks. Throw a printed cardigan over a plain t-shirt to contrast layers, or introduce textured fabrics like wool, leather and suede outerwear or accessories.

4. Have fun

Layering is all about playing with colours, fabrics and fits, so enjoy the process. Have fun trying on different combinations to find the right one for you.

Layered clothing looks for spring

Here are some of the best spring layering outfit ideas to be at the top of your game all season.

1. Throw on a cardigan over a shirt

Looking for a wardrobe staple to wear on repeat? Cardigans are hard to beat. Throw one on over a short or long-sleeve shirt to create a stylish everyday look. This timeless item looks great over a patterned blouse for an extra layer on special occasions.

2. Wear a blazer over a sweatshirt

Casual yet smart, wearing a blazer over a sweatshirt is a great way to combat chilly spring weather. This practical hybrid outfit is perfect all occasions, from weekend celebrations to office days.  

3. Style a jumper with a trench coat

Trench coats are a spring staple, providing a stylish, lightweight layer. Wear yours with your favourite jumper and jeans on rainy days for an effortlessly casual look, or style it with a dress to elevate your outfit. This wardrobe essential will stand the test of time, taking you from season to season.

4. Wear a spring dress over jeans

Another layering fashion trend is wearing a spring dress over jeans. This combination is ideal when you want to add an extra layer on colder days or upgrade your jeans outfits.

5. Style a t-shirt under your dress

Wearing a t-shirt under your spring dresses adds warmth without compromising style. This styling trick can give your dresses a new lease of life by introducing different prints, colours and fabrics. Choose from long or short-sleeve t-shirts, or layer dresses with a turtleneck top on chilly days.

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