Leeds commuters warm up to Damart


Earlier this week, we brought a little winter warmth to staff and commuters at Leeds train station.

In a bid to make working in the cold winter weather a little easier this New Year, we not only donated much needed thermal clothing to Northern Rail’s station staff, but also gave commuters the opportunity to see the benefits of wearing a thermal layer as part of our ‘Warming the Nation’ campaign.


Commuters passing through Leeds train station were scanned as they walked past our booth, with the thermal imaging camera highlighting where they were losing heat. We then offered them the opportunity to try a thermal and see the effect it had on reducing body heat loss.

Anthony Walker, thermal imaging expert, commented: “Thermo graphic technology is used across all industries to show exactly where people, machinery, even buildings, are losing the most heat.  In Damart’s case, the benefit of a thermal is not to be underestimated as lost body heat can be reduced from 34°C to just above 22°C!”

Alex Hynes, Managing Director for Northern Rail added: “Our teams on the ground at Leeds; whether it be dispatchers, station porters, gate line operators or customer service advisors, definitely feel the cold the most when the temperature drops during winter. This fantastic donation of Damart’s famous thermals will help keep them warm while keeping our customers on the move.”

Damart’s thermals work by trapping warm air between the skin and the fabric and wicking away moisture, keeping you both warm and dry.

Scroll down for a visual explanation of just how beneficial wearing thermals can be, through a series of thermal imaging photography.

Damart Infographic 1 original

Damart Infographic 2 orignal

Damart Infographic 3 original

Damart Infographic 4 original

To see Damart’s full range of thermal clothing visit www.damart.co.uk/thermals

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