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Let your feet enjoy a touch of summer heaven!

Warmer weather is on its way! As we think about getting out and about, enjoying the beautiful sunshine it’s time to treat your feet. We have a fantastic range of trainers, sandals and comfy summer shoes, all with their own amazing technology. From cooling, breathable styles, to support that cradles your arches and helps your joints, let us  walk you through our fabulous selection.

Experience comfort and support all in one

Amortyl Trainers are one of our proudest innovations. Exclusive to Damart, they have a hidden pocket of air in the sole, offering shock absorption in every step. It actually disperses the weight evenly across your soles and eases stress on your joints, from your ankles to your knees and your spine. They also support the arches, easing the painful condition, hugging your feet to stop fatigue. Not only that, they look amazing too.

Animal print Amortyl trainers

Take our Animal Print Amortyl Trainers. In a breathable, tan suede they’re so on-trend. With zips and well as laces, you can easily pop them on and off. In an up to the minute flatform-style sole with cushioned, removable lining, they’re a little touch of heaven for long days out.

Amortyl Trainers

More of a traditional trainer, in rose, sirocco and camel, these are a great choice. Also with shock absorbing soles, leather upper for breathable style and removable inner soles for the perfect fit, these have every detail covered. No wonder these Amortyl Trainers another popular choice for summer shoes.

Enjoy perfect fit summer sandals

Our cool range of Piedicals is ideal for warmer days when trainers feel too heavy and you just want some fresh air on those toes. We love this range, with support built into the soles to mirror the shape of your foot. Some call it ‘ergonomically designed’, we just call it clever.

Black Piedical Sandals

Choose our black Piedical Sandal or a shimmering gold look, in leather for durability and quality. The chunky straps are not only comfortable, they’re n trend too and, even better, they are all fully opening so you can achieve the perfect fit. Just what you need to update your summer wardrobe.

Piedical Mules Sandals in tan with side buckles

If you love mules, how about our Piedical Mule Sandals? The double strap is comfy and again, fully adjustable for a great fit. The sole support sin all the right places as it follows the curve of you foot. Take your pick from three lovely colours, blue, pink and tan, all in great quality suede.

Treat your feet to the magic of Climatyl

Hot summer days need cool refreshing Climatyl. You might have seen our bright, fresh Climatyl tops, trousers and skirts, and now you can gain all those cooling benefits in great looking shoes. Made from soft touch, breathable fabrics, cut for ventilation, mean they’re quick drying too. Even better, it’s exclusive to Damart.

Climatyl Canvas Shoe

Our casual Climatyl Canvas Shoe is built to regulate the temperature of your feet for total comfort. With a sporty look, laces and a nautical rope trim, these have summer written all over them. Plus, the removable inner soles make them easy to wash and help you get the right fit.

Climatyl Wedge Trainers

Wedge heel Climatyl Trainers are an incredible addition to your shoe collection. Subtle but with extra style, our cooling Climatyl technology keep your feet fresh in record breaking heat. Every detail has been thought of, with zips to make it easy to pop these on and off and again, these have a removable inner sole. Choose from three great colours.

Climatyl Derby Trainers

The Climatyl Derby Trainers are no exception to the range of Climatyl benefits. In sleek black, with gold metallic touches, they’re pretty smart. The best bit about this design is they have easy touch fasteners in Velcro, so popping them on and off is a doddle.

Dreamy Cushion-Walk Shoes are lighter than light

You’ll love the super soft, lightweight comfort of Cushion-Walk shoes. You won’t even know you’re wearing these! What a pleasure, they gently support you where you need it while the clever cushioned soles are super flexible. Add to that, they touch fasten design and you’ll never struggle getting this summer footwear on and off.

Cushion-walk Touch Fasten Strap Shoe

In seven colours, we love the Cushion-Walk Touch Fasten Strap Shoe. Bright and airy to let your feet breathe, these have a plaited strap and brilliantly grippy soles. They look great with casual outfits for days out and about.

Cushion-walk Tassel Trim Moccasins

Moccasins are always a big favourite. As the perfect women’s slip-on summer shoes these Cushion-Walk Tassel Trim Moccasins are no exception. Choose from 5 timeless colours to go with any look.

More choice on our website

If you’d like to browse even more options, head to our Ladies Shoes page. You can choose to browse by brand, like Amortyl and Climatyl, or browse by type of shoe. With so much to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find something that’s right up your street.

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