What to pack for winter holidays

What to Pack for a Winter Holiday

Wondering what to pack for your next winter holiday? Our guide is here to help! Whether travelling with your family, partner or solo, knowing what to bring to beat the chill is essential. Explore our favourite winter holiday outfits and helpful tips for facing the cold weather.

What to consider when packing for cold weather

Winter is fast approaching, so warm layers are a must. Discover our top tips to feel cosy and stylish throughout the colder seasons.

1. Think about thermals

Short Sleeved thermal T-shirt

Winter calls for thermals and base layers, perfect for keeping the cold out and body heat in. You can layer with thermal tops, knitwear and jackets or wear them as a base layer under your favourite jumpers. They provide comfort without looking bulky, so you can enjoy being outdoors during your trip.

We’re experts in thermals, so you can rest assured you’re getting high-quality pieces. Our thermal clothing and accessories are made from innovative Thermolactyl fabric, exclusively available at Damart. Learn more about how thermals work in our guide.

2. Choose your shoes carefully

Sturdy Thermolactyl Walking boots

Whether planning a hike or a sightseeing-packed weekend break, choosing the right shoes is key. Opt for sturdy and comfortable boots to suit all weather conditions. Ankle boots and wedges are ideal for low-impact activities, while biker and snow boots are best for walking long distances. Consider traction, insulation, height and fit to pick the right pair for your holiday.

3. Pick the right accessories

They may be the last thing you pack, but this doesn’t make them less important. Accessories like scarves, gloves and hats can make all the difference on cold days, keeping you warm when temperatures dip. Have fun mixing and matching them to create unique combinations.

The ultimate winter holiday outfit

Ready to pack? Here are some winter holiday outfit ideas to help you look and feel your best all season.

Casual winter holiday outfits

We all deserve to feel comfortable on holiday, whether enjoying a relaxing stroll or a night out with friends. If you’re unsure what to wear on these occasions, we have you covered:

  • Tops. Thermals are the go-to for winter looks, providing comfort, warmth and versatility. For a casual day-to-night outfit, throw on a long-sleeve T-shirt for maximum warmth, then layer with a sweatshirt or jumper. Going on an active holiday? Swap your knitwear for a fleece for extra cosiness, and choose a waterproof padded coat to combat rain or snow.
  • Bottoms. Trousers are a versatile choice for cold weather. Wear them with your favourite tops on casual days and nights out. Layer Thermolactyl leggings under jeans for extra warmth, or wear fleece-lined thermal jeggings for maximum comfort.
  • Shoes. Boots are essential for a winter holiday, offering support, comfort and warmth.Snow and biker boots are best for hikes, while ankle boots are ideal for city breaks.
  • Accessories. Hats, gloves and scarves are the perfect finishing touches to your winter looks. Choose a matching set in your favourite print and colour. We also offer Thermolactyl accessories for maximum insulation.

Elegant winter holiday outfits

Planning a romantic getaway with your other half or celebrating a special occasion? Explore elegant winter holiday outfits to impress.

  • Tops. We recommend wearing a base layer under a blouse to stay warm without compromising style. Add a blazer and finish your outfit with a chic gilet or faux-fur coat for a glamorous touch.
  • Bottoms. Elevate your winter holiday outfit with a denim or wool maxi skirt. Consider wearing thermal tights or leggings underneath to protect your legs from the cold.
  • Dresses. You can still wear your favourite dresses in winter while staying cosy – just layer them with tights and thermals. Alternatively, a long-sleeve knitted dress combines elegance with practicality, perfect for a romantic date.  
  • Shoes. Whether wearing a dress or a skirt, Chelsea boots are the perfect footwear choice. If temperatures are particularly low, opt for knee-high or over-the-knee boots for warmth and style.
  • Accessories. Accessorise your winter holiday outfit witha wool scarf and faux-fur gloves to elevate your look.

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