3 ways to wear the shirt dress

Style inspiration brought to you by resident Stylist Julie Dickson

Want to know the quickest way to add wow to your new season wardrobe? The shirt dress, that’s what. Flattering and easy to wear this dress is the answer to what to wear on sunny days. And it makes getting ready in the morning a whole lot simpler!

WAY 1 ..
utility shirt dress

The shirt dress is made to be worn solo with nothing required but a tan and a smile. If you have great legs go for the shorter version but if you prefer to cover up the longer length is perfect. Accessory wise the sky’s the limit as the shirt dress looks great with flat sandals, white pumps or a strappy chunky heel. The walking sandal made an appearance on the international catwalks a couple of seasons ago and has now hit the High Street. This style will add an unexpected but modern twist to your look.

WAY 2 ..
spotted shirt dress

Shirt styling is always flattering if you have big boobs as the V neck draws the eye away from the bust so the shirt dress is the best option if you are top heavy. If you have a great waist look for a belted shirt dress that will accentuate your best feature. Try switching up your look by substituting the belts with a wide leather belt or one of Summers new stretch straw ones. this will let you get more mileage from your dress and helps create different looks. Throw a lightweight denim jacket or cardi on your shoulders if the weather turns cooler.

WAY 3…
linen shirt dress

Make your shirt dress work even harder by wearing it as a lightweight top layer over jeans or summer weight trousers. You could also try it unbuttoned and just add a cami to your trousers so it’s worn like a lightweight duster coat.

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  1. Why are ALL dresses either long length or very short this year. There appears to be nothing much for us oldies well over eighty?

    Please give us something suitable for us with veins etc etc. Why can’t we have dresses just below the knee please? Look forward to seeing some while we’re alive and kicking.

  2. Please give us something suitable for us with veins etc. Why can’t us over eighties have dresses just below the knee please? Look forward to seeing some while we’re alive and kicking.

    1. I agree with the lady above, I am 82 I like to think I wear fashionable clothes, and the other lengths , but this year I cannot find any. I do not wear shorts anymore because I have arthritic knees which swsell up and as I am only 5ft 2ins most of the dresses that I like are maxi, and cover my feet I could make a scarf out of the extra length,and the other lemgth is too short just on my knee lokk awful, please try and make some dresses for the ladies who are a certain age but still ike to look fashionable

  3. I am like the other ladies, at 80 we never wear short skirts. I like my skirts to be calf length, so you can sit down in comfort.

  4. Yes I agree with the previous ladies about length of dresses. Short dresses look like we are little girls which does not look right with maturity. Long ones are not always flattering and get in the way. Also wrap styles make us seniors appear matronly not elegant.

  5. Like the ladies above, at 5ft 2ins I am totally fed up with trying to find a modern style dress and often skirts that don’t swamp me for length. I really don’t want a dress that is ankle length. More thought really does need to be given to the fact that we are not all 6ft tall. Please produce clothes that are made for us that are on the shorter size.

  6. My comments are the same as the others. You don’t cater for us older shorter ladies so why bother keep sending us brochures with only pictures of six foot skinny young things. How about the rest of us. We like nice clothes too. I DONT WANT DRESSES THAT SWEEP THE FLOOR !!!!!!

  7. My problem is the opposite. Not many garments are long enough. I would particularly like to order half a dozen micro fleece trousers size 18 in length 31”. I have a medical problem & these trousers are brilliant for keeping my legs warm in winter when walking or in my wheelchair & really help to alleviate my problem. They are so comfy, the colours are lovely & they wash & wear so well but the longer length have been persistently out of stock. Are you getting any more in or do l need to look elsewhere please.

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