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Support and uncompromising comfort; everything a bra should be

All-day comfort from a super-stylish bra is worth its weight in gold. We all love the great shape a really well-fitting bra can give. It makes clothes look fabulous and helps you feel confident whatever you’ve got planned for the day. We’re going to look at some of our customers’ favourite bras, and how to find the right size for you in our stylist’s video. We’ll also explore what types of bra to consider, from underwired to front- fastening bras and more, all in great colours.

A perfect fitting bra

Finding the perfect fit is really important when it comes to comfort. Surprisingly, 80% of us are wearing the wrong size. To help you out, our stylist at Damart, created a brilliant step-by-step video guide full of brilliant hints and tips. She shows you how to measure your back size, your cup size and what to do if you’re in between sizes. So let’s get started.

Wireless bras and gorgeous prints

Designed for real women, with a real shape, this comfortable non-wired bra is a favourite. The secret to its success, is it is non-wired, non-padded and has a full cup for an uplifting, enhancing shape. Available in gorgeous colours and pretty prints, up to size 46DD it offers superb support all day long. With sturdy, adjustable shoulder straps in eye catching stretch lace, it’s no wonder this style is a winner.

Superior support with non wired comfort

If you’re a fan of non-wired bras and love their shape and style, why not consider one of our most popular support bras? This style is a big favourite, offering sumptuous lace and contoured flat seams to sit well under even the finest knit clothes. Crafted for comfort, its reinforced lining offers support with ample stretch, while wide straps spread the weight over your shoulders.  Even better, its non wired style makes it easy to wash and keep looking good for longer. Available in B to E cups in two lovely colours, there’s plenty of choice for all shapes and sizes.

Beautiful lace wired bra

When it comes to full coverage, wired bras this is one of our favourites. Pretty, glamorous and perfect for the job, this bra has comfort built in thanks to lovely wide straps that spread the weight evenly. It also sports a classic cup design for a brilliant shape topped off with pretty lace. This gorgeous fully lined, wired bra is pure comfort itself and doesn’t compromise on support. Available in off white, up to a DD cup, it’s a great addition to your lingerie draw.

A new design for contemporary comfort

This is a great new design to Damart that the team absolutely loved. It has all the benefits of stunning underwired bras, with great support, a brilliant shape enhancing design and beautiful stretch lace for a smooth fit. It also moves on the traditional style, with its contemporary scarf shape straps in one piece from the cups, it effortlessly holds and support, while bringing the classic bra right up to date.

Invisible lingerie you really need to see!

We’re really excited about our beautiful invisible bra range. Moulded for comfort in soft fabric and made to sit smoothly and invisibly under clothes, they are seam free for a truly flattering shape. T-shirts and close knits have a clean silhouette, without any give-away lines, offering a confidence boost. The real winner is that our invisible range is available in a range of skin tones made to suit yours. Available up to size 46D, it’s a great summer choice.

Keeping those favourite bras in tip-top condition

When you find a bra you love, you want to keep it looking as good as new for as long as you can. We have some handy bra care tips to help you get more life out of your favourite bras. Start by hand washing them. We know it’s a bind and not everyone has the time, but a bit of TLC goes a long way in keeping your bras looking their best. Air dry them, avoid the radiator and the dryer to keep the elastic and the shape just right. Use mild soap and don’t wash them too often. In cooler months you can probably go a little longer between giving them a dip. Store them carefully in draws with cups fitting into each other and you’ll easily prolong the life of your favourite lingerie.

Browse our full lingerie collection

Remember, a bra fitting once a year is recommended as your body shape changes whatever your age. For even more inspiration on a full range of lingerie, from Invisible bras to smooth T-shirt bras, sports bras and matching underwear, browse our full collection here.

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