Thermals – How do they work?

As some of you may know the Damart heritage is based around the production of Thermalactyl products, for over the past sixty years we have been providing you with five grades of warmth, in stylish and innovative designs.

A brief history of Damart

Founded in 1953, three brothers founded and patented the design of thermolactyl products, a unique and man made fibre now known for its ability to provide warmth without bulky layering. Originating in France we now can be find in several locations all over the world, providing warmth for all of our customers.

Tried and tested in a variety of climates and situations it is hard to deny that we provide a layer or warmth all over the nation- since then we have developed different innovations that are branching away from our original thermowear.

Within these successful sixty years we have not only provided warmth for the nation but also created ready to wear thermal products to ensure that it doesn’t just have to be a base layer that keeps you warm but through outerwear, knitwear and nightwear.

For information about Damart heritage click here.

So how does it work?

The idea of creating a thermal layer is around the intricate details and using the principal of insulation- most thermals are used as a base layer holding in the heat under your clothes without giving that over layered look- keeping the heat sustained between your body and the base layer.

The material is usually tightly weaved together in order to retain the heat- our thermal products are used with fibres such as polyester or combined cotton as these hold a better heat retention for the body. A common assumption is that they have to look unattractive however through our constant innovation and adjustment we have been able to provide you with thermolactyl products that are not only warm but also offer a stylish design that provide the same quality purpose.

Here is a guide to our thermal grades.

What can we offer you?

Damart offers a wide range of thermal clothing ranging from Mens to Womens, with a variety of grades of thermal to ensure that you are warm and at the level you want. They come in a mixture of designs, colours and styles to ensure that you can find the perfect base layer for you.

Womens we have a wide selection of thermal products ranging from base layers, to pretty thermal tops to ensure that you are warm and look fabulous but also chunky knitwear for those cold winter months, padded outerwear and cosy nightwear. Our pieces are finished with beautiful details within the weaving or a lace trim to give it a feminine touch.

Within the Mens range we see your more basic but pieces that are a necessity for those colder months of the year. Ranging from base layers, to nightwear, slippers and socks we aim to ensure that you or your other half is warm throughout the year.  Available in a variety of colours and styles you are sure to find that thermal piece that you need.


To see the full range of Damarts Thermal Range head over to our website today.

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