How to create your garden oasis

How to create a garden oasis

Long, lazy (and hopefully hot) summer days mean that we’ll be spending a lot more time in our gardens over these coming months. But is your outside space a peaceful haven or do you sometimes feel overlooked or distracted by neighbours or nearby roads? With a few little changes, you can turn your garden into a relaxing oasis − somewhere you can sit back and relish the peace and quiet or enjoy quality time with family and friends. And it’s achievable no matter how big or small your space is. Here’s how to do it.

Zone your garden with natural boundaries

Create a snug sense of enclosure by zoning off different areas of your garden with plants and wood. You can use trellis or lattice to create a cosy nook for reading, or position rows of bay trees or bamboo plants in statement pots to section off an area for a small bistro table and chairs − perfect for morning coffee. Or why not think about adding a pergola or gazebo above a large table for a more intimate feel when dining outside?

Bistro set
Get a water feature

We all know the soothing sound of trickling water does wonders for making us feel relaxed. And not only can a water feature make an attractive focal point, it can help drown out any unwelcome outside noise and even transport you somewhere far away! If you have a large garden you could consider building a pond with a small fountain or even install a large centre piece fountain on its own. Smaller spaces, on the other hand, suit self-contained features like water bowls, spheres or monolith fountains that you can place in a corner for an instant, calming addition to your garden.

Use lighting to enhance your water feature by night – shining either from behind or above it − to create beautiful colours and twinkling patterns to enjoy when you’re sat in your garden in the evening.

Pick a statement shade

Nothing says holiday like an oversized parasol! Whether you choose a chic taupe shade or a bright stripe, you’ll be feeling those vacation vibes as soon as you relax under it – pina colada optional! When the warm weather hits, you’ll want to wear clothes that will let you stay outside and enjoy your garden oasis for as long as possible. Our Feel Fresh collection will keep you cool, no matter how hot it gets. These flattering wide leg printed trousers are super cool and comfortable. Pair them with this mint-green vest and you’ve got an effortlessly stylish look for a barbecue with friends.

Feel fresh collection
Create atmosphere with fire

A fire pit will add a sense of cosiness and camaraderie to any outdoor gathering in the evening, as well as lengthening the time you can spend outside. Whether you decide on a fire pit, chiminea or a gas-powered fire, position a few chairs or large logs around it to create a welcoming space to retreat to when it gets dark.

Artificial lighting can make your garden look magical in the evening. Choose from twinkling solar lights to hang in the trees, or string some festoon lights over a gazebo or from one end of the garden to the other.

Layer up with plants

No garden oasis would be complete without lots of greenery. If your garden is looking a little sparse on the flora front, get down to your local garden centre and stock up on your favourite blooms. 

Creating layers with plants and shrubs will hide any unsightly views in your garden and create depth and interest. Mix hardy low plants and bushes such as geraniums, hebe and dark purple-flowered periwinkle, with taller shrubs such as viburnums and lilacs. Using different heights and textures will give your garden that sense of lushness and increase your privacy.

Feel good, look good

Make sure you’re looking fabulous as your garden. Linen offers laidback style while keeping you cool on hot days. For an easy-but-elegant look, this striped skirt is ideal for a sunny brunch on the patio or these linen-rich trousers in the same colourway are perfect for lazy days − grab a book, a cold drink and relax in style in your new garden oasis.

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