How to dress for the office

Are you heading back into the office soon? If so, you’re likely to be dusting off your old workwear collection in preparation for your return. However, should you want to revitalise your collection and give your wardrobe a new lease of life, here are some ideas to help you feel good when returning to the office.

Determine the dress code

The first thing to do when organising your office clothes is decipher the dress code for your workplace. For your peace of mind, it’s good to know what your colleagues will be wearing. You want to stand out and show your personality but within the limits of your office dress code. 

For instance, your office clothes might need to be strictly smart. These items might include a suit and tie, a tailored dress, a collared shirt, for example.

On the other hand, your office might have a more casual view on how to dress for the office and implement a smart-casual dress code. So, you could get away with smart trousers and a blouse or a dress and flat shoes. 

Whatever your office dress code, you can choose items to match your style and refresh your wardrobe. 

Assess what you have

Fashion can outdate itself quickly, which is why it’s important to assess new trends and alter your wardrobe accordingly. Reading fashion magazines, watching fashion programmes, or browsing your favourite websites are all ways you can get inspiration for your new office clothes.

Before buying a new outfit, it’s worth looking at your current office clothes and assessing which pieces you can keep. Are there any items in your wardrobe that you are happy to wear again and will work with new style items? If so, set those pieces aside and consider recycling or donating the rest.

Make a wish list

Once you have established the office clothes you wish to keep, you can identify the gaps in your repertoire and get new office clothes to match your style while considering the items you may need to add to bring your existing wardrobe to life.  

If you already have suit trousers that you wish to keep, it could be hard to colour match a new suit jacket with them. However, consider converting from traditional office wear to smart-casual office clothes and opting for a gorgeous blouse to wear with your trousers. Choose to wear your blouse tucked into your trousers for a more formal look or untuck it for a relaxed feel.  

Alternatively, you might have a stunning shirt but would rather not wear suit trousers. Why not team it with a smart skirt? Besides being a chic, work-appropriate choice, it is also a comfortable option, so you can go to work feeling the most confident version of yourself. 

Create a capsule collection

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, your office may have changed now you’re going back in. Many office workers have adopted remote working as their new normal, with the occasional weekday spent in the office. Therefore, you might not need quite as many items of clothing as you did when you were there full time.

So, you can build a basic office wardrobe around some key items and switch between these to suit your place of work on a given day. For example, you could pick out some simple t-shirts and pair them with smart trousers for a more smart-casual office look. Or, for a more layered look, select some jumpers, adding warmth and cosiness to your office clothes. 

Once you have created a capsule collection, deciding how to dress for the office will be simple. Just mix and match your small selection of items to suit your working environment and you will never worry about office clothes again. 

Add some accessories

Add another layer to your office clothes and accessorise your outfit. 

A bag is an ideal addition to your office outfit. Not only is a bag practical, but it can also add another layer of style to your look. You can use it for contrasting colour or texture while carrying your important work documents or just as a place to hold your lipstick.

Your choice of shoes is another factor to consider. Choose your shoes according to your office dress code. For a smart yet stylish look, you might opt for a classic moccasin. Alternatively, if your office prefers relaxed office clothes, then a comfy trainer may do the job perfectly. 

Need help with your office wardrobe?

If you need help styling your new office wardrobe, then head to our website, where you can search all these office clothing ideas and more. Alternatively, request a free catalogue straight to your door so you can explore our full range from the comfort of your home. If there is anything we haven’t covered or you need some style advice, contact us and one of our friendly advisors will be more than happy to help.

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