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How to look good on video calls

Drinks with your girlfriends? Catch up with the family? Meeting with a client? If you’ve done any of these in the past few months, it won’t have been face to face. We’re now living in a different world where video calls have become the norm. And whether it’s book clubs and quizzes on Houseparty with our friends and family, or Zoom meetings with our work colleagues, we’re spending so much more of our lives on screen.

However, as we’ve all found out, knowing how to look good in a video call can be tricky. Bad lighting and dodgy Wi-Fi can conspire to make us look like we need a holiday and a good night’s sleep! Here are our top tips to ensure you look your gorgeous, glowing best on screen.

Make an occasion of it

The first rule of video calls is to dress up! Just because you’re not leaving the house doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort. Whether you’re having a virtual meeting with a client, cocktail hour with the girls or playing bingo with the family, getting dressed up will make your call feel more of an occasion and get you in the right mood for whatever you’re doing.

Be bright and bold
Be bold in this v neck blouse

Don’t fade into the background. Bright block colours look great on screen and this v-neck blouse in a vibrant tomato stripe is perfect. It’s fitted but not clinging, so you’ll look and feel comfortable in it. Pale colours or ones close to your skin tone can make you look washed out, so if you’re not keen on bright colours, go for softer shades of blue, green, pink or purple. Don’t be afraid to wear patterns either, but bear in mind that tight stripes can create a distorted effect on screen, so go for a bolder stripe.

Get your lighting right

As any movie star knows, the right lighting will take years off you and ensure you look fresh faced and glowing. Light behind you can leave you as a silhouette or worse still, make your skin look dull and tired. Front-facing natural light is the most flattering – it will brighten your face and smooth out your complexion, so set up your laptop or computer in front of a window, with you facing it. If it’s dark, put a soft lamp behind your laptop, but position it away slightly so it’s not beaming right in your face.

Make a statement with accessorises

A pair of statement earrings, an oversize necklace or a printed scarf will make you look put together and polished in a matter of seconds. Just remember to keep your clothes neutral – a plain white tee or a muted colour jumper will look great. This printed scarf, with its soft, flattering colours, will provide some interest without looking too much. Tie it around your neck in a pussybow, wear it to the side draping over one shoulder or knot it to create a loose necklace.

Use make-up tricks

The 2D visual effect of video calls can mean that our facial features can get lost. So, when it comes to make-up, there are a few areas you should accentuate to stop you looking ‘flat’ on screen. Eyebrows frame the face and also convey a lot of our emotions, so use an eyebrow pencil to darken them slightly and ensure they stand out on screen.

Next, sweep some blusher over your cheeks to brighten your complexion and create definition and then use a highlighting powder or cream on the tops of your cheeks to reflect the light. Finally, add a slick of a soft-coloured lipstick and use an eyelash curler and a coat of mascara to open up your eyes.

Comfort is key
Comfort dressing in a cosy cardigan

When you feel comfortable, you feel more confident. And nothing will make you feel less confident than staring at parts of your body you’re conscious about. You don’t want to be worrying about lumps and bumps, so don’t wear overly fitted clothes. If you’re conscious about your neck, wear something with a higher neckline, or if you don’t like your upper arms, this cosy cardigan will cover them up and the warm peach colour will look flattering against your skin.

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