How to wrap tricky presents

There’s nothing better than being given a perfectly wrapped gift. Looking gorgeous with beautiful ribbons, a tag and maybe even nestling in a gift bag. It really heightens the excitement and makes any gift look extra special. We’ve got some great ideas, tips and tricks to help you wrap with ease while spreading that Christmas magic. And as for gift inspiration, you’ll find all the ideas you need in our Family Gifting blog coming soon. Good luck!

Getting started

First of all, take off any price tags or use a marker pen to carefully blank it out. It’s not the done thing to leave the price on.

If it’s something awkward or breakable like a mug, think about popping it in a box first, then wrapping it, or just buy a lovely gift box and add a ribbon. Job done.

The deal breaker is thick wrapping paper. It’s easier to cut and fold for neat, crisp corners. If you can, buy paper with a grid on the inside so you can cut in straight lines.

Have these at the ready.

  • Sellotape
  • Sharp scissors
  • Ribbon, or ready-made bows
  • Tags to add the name.

Sticky labels are easy and don’t drop off. They’re great for kids who, let’s face it, just rip the wrapping off! But tags held on with Sellotape, then a ready-made bow popped on top to hide the tape are easy and look fab for grown ups.

Wrapping Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are really tricky because it’s hard to make them feel like something exciting. How about popping it in a small organza gift bag? Or, why not wrap it up and tie with a small bow or curly ribbon, then pop on the tree. That way it doesn’t get lost in amongst the bigger gifts under the tree and there’s a little fun in finding it between the branches. You could even wrap it with a  bar of chocolate and add a string bow for good measure or hide in a slim dainty box for that extra special feel.

Cracking cylinder wrapping

Presents this shape like aftershave and perfume can be a doddle if you have some ribbon. Work on a flat surface. Simply place your cylinder on the paper. Make sure you can roll it up, so the present is covered and there’s a slight overlap. Cut the paper so you know the width of paper you need. Then for the length, cut your paper about 7 cm longer than the cylinder at both ends. Roll the cylinder up and place some Sellotape along the overlap. Take a piece of ribbon and gather the paper at one end of the cracker then tie it with the ribbon. Do this at the other end of the cracker and that’s it. Done. Pop a tag on it and Bob’s your uncle. 

Beautiful bottle wrapping

If you don’t want to make a full cracker, like if you’re wrapping a bottle, roll the bottle up and find the overlap, then cut the paper as above. You’ll need at least 10 cm extra length at the top of the bottle and about 4cm at the bottom. Fold the bottom paper into the centre of the bottle and keep going round until the all the paper is folded in. Secure it with Sellotape. Then at the top of the bottle squidge the paper together like the cracker ends and tie with a bow. Add your tag and you’re sorted.

Brilliant sock ideas

Give socks a little pizzaz with this cute and super quick idea. In fact, it couldn’t be easier. Save your empty jam jars, leave them in warm water to soak off the labels. Once dried, pop the socks inside. Add a ribbon bow and a traditional style tag and you’re good to go.

Super simple

If wrapping isn’t your thing, why not try this nifty trick? Buy some eco-friendly paper bags, pop your pressie inside and fold the top over. Tape shut with double sided sticky tape which you can hide under the fold then adda string ribbon. You could also pop some fun messages on the bag or add a sprig of Christmas foliage, pinecones and berries or striped straws for a creative, festive feel.

A little extra Christmas cheer

We found these cute little ideas to give kids even more fun. If you’ve got family visiting, these are great ideas to keep little ones entertained and if there’s too much fun going on right now, they can always save it for later.

Make your Christmas sparkle

A beautifully wrapped gift really boosts the excitement and brings the magic to the occasion at Christmas time. Now you know how easy it can be you can experiment with all these ideas. Don’t forget our Family Gifting blog bursting with lots of inspiration to make the big day a roaring success is coming soon!

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