Discover the positive effects of wellbeing this Breast Cancer Awareness month

We all know doing our bit to keep healthy is important. But did you know just how important? We’ve been researching wellness this Breast Cancer Awareness month and we’ve found out some amazing things.

Being healthy can reduce your risk of cancer

This is good news! Yes, leading a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk of cancer and prevent other health conditions. So just a few simple, healthy changes can make a big difference to your future. Take a leaf from our influencer, Ebru Evrim’s book.

Ebru, now on social media as @RealEbruEvrim has been showing us how she keeps on top of fitness and reduces stress with her love of Yoga. Take a look at her video here. She’s also wearing our official Breast Cancer awareness top and shows us some basic moves to get you started. Why not give it a go?

A few more wellbeing tips

  1. Eat healthy nutritious food

We know it’s tricky, but a balanced diet packed full of colourful fruit and vegetables is the key. And don’t forget to avoid processed foods if you can.

2. Stop smoking

Smoking is linked to many cancers, not just lung cancer. The biggest favour you can do for your body is to quit asap.

3. Be more active

The statistics suggest 20 minutes of exercise, three times a week is ideal to get the blood flowing, blow away the cobwebs and keep fit.

4. Maintain a healthy weight

Keeping a good weight has lots of health benefits. It’s great for your joints, your heart and preventing diabetes. It also reduces the risk of cancer. Did we mention that already?

5. Less alcohol

We know it’s tough but the less you drink the better it is for your body. If you can lower the amount or stop altogether that’s even better.

A little TLC goes a long way

Besides stepping up your selfcare routine, we can’t talk about this without mentioning how to check for breast cancer with a little TLC. Touch. Look Check. If you haven’t already seen it, here’s how Breast Cancer Now recommends you check.  Give it a go and of course, don’t forget to get an annual mammogram. All these small things are hugely important.

Get your crowd together and get active

If you’d love to be more active but feel silly on your own or would like a little moral support, why not get a bunch of friends together? Organise fresh walks, a de-stressing yoga class or how about a regular swim? Just getting together, having a catch up can getting people talking about breast cancer is a big step. Whether you organise a book club or a coffee and cake morning. If it helps more people check sooner, it’s a good thing. Come on ladies and gents. There’s no time like the present. 

For more information, tips or a peek at our Wear It Pink collection head to our web page. We’ll donate £5 to Breast Cancer Now for every sale.


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