Touch, Look, Check for Breast Cancer Awareness month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and here at Damart  we’d like to help spread the message. Over the next four weeks, we’re promoting how to Touch, Look, Check yourself, to get everyone, men and women talking about it and doing it! We’ve also got a special collection of cosy, pink, thermal clothing to treat yourself. For every sale, we’ll donate £5 to Breast Cancer Now to support life-changing research. So don’t hang around, take a look at the video.

Over one third of women don’t check regularly.

That’s a staggering figure and the earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the better the outcome. So why aren’t we checking? Over half, 53% forget. 19% don’t feel confident checking their breasts and 16% don’t know how to check.

We know you’ve just seen the video, but here’s a few more pointers below, from Breast Cancer Now.

Anyone can get breast cancer. So it’s important to get to know your normal by checking your breasts.

There’s no right or wrong way, just remember to do it regularly.

• Touch your breasts

• Look for changes

• Check anything new or unusual with your GP

Your breasts can change throughout your life for many reasons, from the menopause, pregnancy or breastfeeding to puberty. So if you check them regularly, you’ll be able to spot any new or unusual changes that should be checked out by your GP.

Our special Breast Cancer Awareness collection

To help raise the profile this month and encourage people to TLC we’ve hand picked a selection of our cosiest pieces for autumn. They’re pink to support the charity and they’re not just warm and toasty, everything but the underwear is thermal too. Even better, we donate £5 to Breast Cancer Now for every sale, which should also give you a warm, cosy glow. Visit our website to see more.

Choose from our official heavenly pink long sleeved t-shirt, in Thermolactyl fabric. Perfect to lounge around the house in comfy leggings and keep the heating low. For underwear, you an enjoy total comfort in our Sloggi bra top, seamless Camisole bra for even more warmth and co-ordinating Sloggi Zero Free briefs.

For snuggling up and staying warm, we have gorgeous thermal pj’s. With a sporty feel, they’re super soft, comfy and hydrate your skin. Team with our cosy, thermal socks, their faux fur trim creates a snug look and the rubber spots add extra grip. Or go straight for toasty boot style slippers. Lined with faux fur, they just pull on for easy style.

If you’re full of get up and go this autumn, our warm pastel coloured cardigan is a great layer to pop on and head out. Perfect between seasons it’s a lovely choice. Or how about our thermal high neck jumper or cosy sweater? Both are brilliant extra layers to pop on, stay warm and save on heating.

Remember we all need a little TLC

Breast cancer doesn’t just affect ladies, men must check too. You can’t be too young, or too old, so why not get into the habit of making your own regular checks and start this month? For more information, visit the charity, Breast cancer Now there’s lots of information on how to Touch, Look, Check and lots of support. You can also join us in  spreading the message during Breast Cancer Awareness month.  

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