Henry Paul trials our Thermolactyl Active base layer


Henry Paul, Director of Rugby at Bradford & Bingley RFC, tells us about his trial of Damart’s Thermolactyl Active base layer:

“Keeping fit during the rugby season requires a lot of training. I may no longer be on the field, but training is just as important to me now as it ever was. I’m always on the look-out for kit that not only looks good, but also keeps my muscles warm and helps prevent injuries.

“This season I’ve been trialing Damart’s new Thermolactyl Activebase-layer range. It comes in blue or black with a long sleeved top and leggings and has a nice, snug fit as you would expect for a base-layer. It’s seamless which gives you maximum flexibility so there’s no restrictions on your movement, however you are training.

“I’ve worn it throughout the winter and although it’s not been as cold as it can be this season, for a Kiwi running first thing on a dark winter’s morning, three degrees feels freezing, trust me.

“This base-layer, worn under my top and shorts has kept me warm and dry the whole time. The insulation means I not only feel warm as soon as I put them on, but I also stay warm even as I exercise because the clever fabric wicks away any moisture and stops me feeling cold and clammy as I start to cool down.

“I’ve worn them for training outside and they are also good to put on after a training session if you have tired muscles as they keep them nice and warm helping to prevent any problems.”




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