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Knitwear to look out for in 2018

Now that we’re into the new year and looking to see what’s ahead, it is also an idea to take a look at some of the wonderful fashion trends that are coming our way in 2018.

One of the most popular types of clothing that we sell throughout the year is, of course, knitwear.

Good for both the winter months and those cool spring and summer evenings, we have a range of delectable knitwear items for all year round.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what we think will be the in-store hits of the knitwear world in 2018:

This wonderful Tunic Sweater

New to the Damart range is this adorably soft tunic sweater which is available in a great range of colours, including amethyst purple, cornflower blue, light mint, and pink.

Available for only £19, it is perfect for candlelit evenings in the garden or just lounging around in the home; this versatile boat neck sweater embodies comfortable clothing at its best.

Both soft and warm no matter what you happen to be doing, this is a sweater for all seasons and is a must-have item for the wardrobe in 2018.

A chic Cable Detail Sweater

A wonderful choice for casual events, this cotton rich sweater with cable detail looks set to be one of the most in-demand knitwear clothing options of 2018.

Featuring wonderful cable detailing on the front, alongside pretty side ties, this is a sweater that would work wonderfully with blue jeans and other forms of casual clothing.

Available in both white and indigo, this cable detail sweater is new to the store. It is not to be missed this season!

Sweater in Pastel Paletter | Damart Style DiariesSweet Sweater with an ice-cream palette

Here at Damart we like keeping an eye out on what clothing styles, fabrics and colours are going to be big in the coming year.

With that in mind, we think that this wonderful three-quarter sleeve sweater embodies all three.

Featuring a flattering chevron design, composed of soft and pure cotton, alongside a luscious range of popular pastel colours, this garment hits all the talking points for 2018 knitwear fashion.

Great for shopping on the high street or a walk along the beach, this beautiful sweater is available from only £25.

New Stripe Cardigan | Damart Style DiariesTimeless Stripe Cardigan

This print was one of our best selling styles of 2017, we expect this deliciously reworked striped cardigan to become one of our most popular items throughout 2018.

Available in mauve, blue, and mint, this wonderful cardigan features a soft, smooth and cotton knit that’s perfect for social and casual events.

Featuring a splendid V neck collar, with button fastening and patch pockets, this adorable and timeless stripe cardigan is a perfect choice for all seasons.

To browse and shop all of our knitwear styles head over to the Damart site here.


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