Are you office ready? Hair and makeup tips

Hair and makeup advice brought to you by resident stylist Collette @collettemakeup

We are slowly returning to normality! But I’ve actually forgotten what I used to wear before my lockdown attire of joggers, hair in a pony and no makeup!! Even setting the alarm earlier to get ready is hard work ha! I thought I would share a few of my own office hair and makeup tips that make you look like you have taken your time getting ready (but actually takes 5mins shhhh!)

Handy hair tips

First let’s tackle the bed head. If you don’t have time to wash and dry your hair in the mornings there are a few things I use to help you still feel fresh. First dry shampoo! A spritz in the roots then wait a few minutes for any oil to soak up then shake or brush out your hair and you are good to go! I also love a texture spray as it has some hold in it as well as the dry shampoo. My go to is the unite texture spray for sexy bed head hair and the Ouai super dry shampoo. If this still feels like hard work then a slicked back centre parting low ponytail or topknot is always a winner and takes seconds!

Easy makeup tips

If you’re still not used to wearing a “full face” then just stick to great looking skin. Use a CC cream or tinted moisturiser to freshen your skin with a dash of cream blusher and a bit of mascara. Quick and easy. Fake tan is another great way of making yourself feel more alive as the dark nights start drawing in. My go to face tan is tropic tan drops – add a few drops into your night cream and you will wake up with a summer glow. Don’t worry it’s not strong so you can’t go wrong… (Unless you forget to wash your hands!)

Finally a pop of colour on the lips can make a huge difference, I often throw a red lip on if I want to spruce up my look without starting a fresh, There are some great 24hours lipsticks on the market so your bold lip can last all day at work.

I hope these little hair and makeup tips help speed up your morning! Lots of love Collette xx

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